Endless World of Yoshis

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Endless World of Yoshis
Endless World of Yoshis.png
Level code Secret 6
Game Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track The Flower Garden (SMW2:YI)

Castle & Fortress (SMW2:YI)

Practice Course (SMW2:YI)

Underground (SMW2:YI)
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Endless World of Yoshis, known as Crazy Maze Days in the British English version,[1] is the Secret Stage of World 6 in Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. It is the last Secret Stage in the game, and is a difficult and time-consuming level. It contains many puzzles and difficult platforming challenges. The player must make use of the surrounding enemies to get a score of 100. Like every other Secret Stage, this level's playable Yoshi is the green Yoshi.


The level starts with an automatic side-scrolling section, with many small platforms and no ground to land on if the player falls. There are many enemies in important locations such as on platforms, making it hard for the player to keep up with the screen safely.

Once the player clears this section, they will enter a pipe into a castle area where the player must fall down a long distance while avoiding many thorns suspended in midair, which will cause the player to lose a life if hit. There is a Middle Ring at the bottom if the player survives the fall; however, it is generally wise to complete more of the level before using it, as the level has many areas which lead back to the same room, with the thorns having to be avoided again.

From here the player can choose to take the left or right path, both containing flowers and red coins which are needed to get a 100% score for the level. There are rooms at the end of each path, with several choices of doors to go through. One on each end leads to the left or right area of a grassy section of the level, which has the tutorial music. This area contains two flowers and several red coins. Once the player has all the collectibles from this area, they must go back to the room with the lava and midair spikes to get to a different door.

Eventually, the player can use a key to enter a vast, lava-filled cave area. This area contains two more flowers, and many pits full of spikes which can instantly defeat Yoshi. After manipulating a Chomp Rock to hold the flippers open, the player can get a key to an area where a Super Star is needed to progress.

When the player clears the cave area, they will enter one of two final sections of the level; a short flowery field that is an exact replica of Welcome To Yoshi's Island with the goal roulette and a pit, or if an alternative path is taken, right before the entrance to said goal. However, it has the addition of Kamek attacking the player every few seconds, making it harder to complete. Just before the goal is the final flower, in a Winged Cloud.





Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はてしないヨッシーのせかい
Hateshinai Yosshī no Sekai
Endless Yoshi's World

Chinese 无尽的耀西世界
Wújìn de Yàoxī Shìjiè
Endless Yoshi World

French Le Monde Infini des Yoshi.
The Endless World of Yoshis.
German Wer rastet, rostet!
Who rests, rusts!
Italian Il mondo infinito degli Yoshi
The endless world of the Yoshis
Spanish El interminable mundo de los Yoshis
The Endless World of Yoshis