Jammin' Through The Trees

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Jammin' Through The Trees
World-Level 3-5
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
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Jammin' Through The Trees is fifth level of World 3 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. In this specific level, the player will have to make their way past a jungle, filled with many types of enemies. The player will use Purple Yoshi on this level.


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The level begins on solid ground, right next to an Egg Block. After jumping to get across the gap, the player will land on a surface made of yellow material that can be broken by throwing eggs or Ground Pounding it. This area contains several enemies, including Grinders and Potted Spiked Fun Guys, as well as Short Fuses and Seedy Sallys. The player must avoid or eat these enemies in order to get past. Once they have passed a Grinder, two more Grinders with watermelons in their mouth and another Short Fuse will be here. A second Egg Block is also located here. By breaking the wall on the right by throwing eggs, the player will reach a tulip. After a while, the player will find a couple of Red Coins over here, as well as a Winged Cloud that contains a flower. A third Egg Block can be seen here, and Gusties will start flying towards the player. Now, the player must use eggs to break the wall, creating paths to either a flower, some regular coins and another Red Coin, and a hidden Winged Cloud that will contain stars. A concrete block will be placed here, and the player can shoot an egg to the back of them to obtain three more coins, two regular ones, and another red one. The player will now enter the next area of the level.

In this next section, the player should jump onto the first paddle wheel to obtain the five coins - two above and three below. They must continue, grabbing coins above the red Flatbed Ferry, until they reach the Middle Ring, accompanied by an Egg Plant. Next, the player must jump onto another paddle wheel above spikes. The player should use eggs to obtain all the coins, then jump onto solid ground, where there is a pipe spawning Shy-Guys. The player should keep walking, falling into a small gap that will make a Winged Cloud appear, which will contain stars. After a while, the player should see a log, and can ground pound it to make it smaller. If the player does that until it is one-below level with the rock on the right, they can shoot an egg at the flower to obtain it. Next, the player must Flutter Jump down the next gap, and land on one of the rocks, to obtain the coins. The player must jump back up and continue until they are directly above the fourth flower. The player should shoot an egg at a certain point in the wall, which will then make the egg rebound and hit the flower. The player can now continue on their way.

Another Egg Block can be seen here, and a Wild Ptooie Piranha will be seen on top of a tree, guarding two Red Coins. Yet another Wild Ptooie Piranha is seen here, and a Fly Guy will also hover around the player carrying a 1-Up. The player must then jump onto the next two trees, and then turn around and jump onto the shorter tree below and grab four coins, including the last two red ones. As the player strolls down over here, they will see some Shy-Guys, along with Seedy Sallys, and a Winged Cloud that will contain stars. The player should keep walking until they reach a tree with two Watermelons, and a ! Switch. If the player wants to grab the coins scattered through the trees, the must hit the ! Switch and act fast, since the timer does not last long for this ! Switch. As the player advances, they will eventually see some Woozy Guys and regular Shy-Guys, as well as a couple more Short Fuses. A flower can be seen here, and can be easily obtained by throwing an egg at it, or by Flutter Jumping to collect the final flower in this level. The player should now see the goal roulette, and will now have access to The Cave Of Harry Hedgehog.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャングルのアスレチック
Janguru no Asurechikku
The Jungle's Athletics
Spanish De árbol en árbol From tree to tree
French La Jungle Athlétique. Athletic Jungle.
German Dschungelfieber Jungle Fever
Italian A zonzo tra gli alberi Wandering around the trees
Chinese 丛林锻炼
Cónglín duànliàn
Jungle Exercise