Jammin' Through The Trees

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Jammin' Through The Trees
Purple Yoshi spitting Watermelon seeds at a Wild Ptooie Piranha and a couple of Red Coins in the level Jammin' Through The Trees
Level code 3-5
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
Music track Athletic
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Jammin' Through The Trees is the fifth level of World 3 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. In this specific level, the player will have to make their way past a jungle, filled with many types of enemies. This level's playable Yoshi is the purple Yoshi.


Yoshi begins right next to an Egg Block. To the right is yellow, soft material on which the entire first section of the level takes place. This surface is easily broken by throwing eggs at it or by Ground Pounding it, as well as by spitting watermelon seeds at it. There are several Grinders in the area which either throw missiles or spit watermelon seeds at Yoshi. Potted Spiked Fun Guys and other enemies begin to appear before long. Yoshi will soon find a second Egg Block near a tulip. Just after this is a Winged Cloud containing a Special Flower between two Red Coins. After this is yet another Egg Block. There is a Winged Cloud nearby, hidden behind a wall, containing five Stars. As Gusties begin to appear, the paths become more complicated. A Special Flower, a few regular coins, and a Red Coin can be found in this area, just before the end of the first section.

The next section begins with two paddle wheels, one of which has a Shy Guy on each platform. Following this are two more Flatbed Ferries before the Middle Ring, next to an Egg Plant. After this are two more paddle wheels above spikes. After this area is a Warp Pipe Shy Guys spawn from. There is a gap in the stone floor nearby containing a hidden Winged Cloud containing five Stars. When Yoshi comes across a post, he may Ground Pound it until he is able to angle and throw an egg at a concealed Special Flower. Nearby is a small pit with several Red Coins and a hidden Winged Cloud in the gap in the wall containing an extra life. Just before the end of the section is another Special Flower Yoshi is able to collect if an egg is thrown a certain way.

Below the start of the next section is an Egg Block. A watermelon as well as numerous coins can be spotted in the trees above. Yoshi soon comes across a Wild Ptooie Piranha. Just after this is another Wild Ptooie Piranha rapidly spitting Needlenoses. There is a Fly Guy just above holding an extra life. The last two Red Coins in the stage may be collected nearby. Heading to the right puts Yoshi in an area with numerous Grinders hanging in trees, as well as a pipe dispensing Shy Guys. Just after this is a tree with two watermelons as well as a ! Switch. Hitting this switch reveals a few coins back to the left for a very brief time. Up and to the right, Yoshi must cross over Shy Guys before reaching the fifth and final Special Flower in the level. Just up ahead is the Goal Ring, allowing the player to complete the level.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャングルのアスレチック
Janguru no Asurechikku
The Jungle's Athletics

Chinese 丛林锻炼
Cónglín duànliàn
Jungle Exercise

French La Jungle Athlétique.
Athletic Jungle.
German Dschungelfieber
Jungle Fever
Italian A zonzo tra gli alberi
Wandering around the trees
Spanish De árbol en árbol
From Tree to Tree