More Monkey Madness

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More Monkey Madness
Yoshi about to throw an egg at an Ukiki in More Monkey Madness.
World-Level Extra 3
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
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More Monkey Madness is the third extra level in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. It features many Grinders, which are on the ground, platforms, or even climbing vines. The player will have to hop from Flatbed Ferry to Flatbed Ferry to reach the goal, since only the starting point of the level contains solid ground.


The player will start off in a jungle, seeing a couple of Winged Clouds containing stars, and a Grinder. A couple of seconds later, a Fly Guy carrying the first Red Coin throughout the level will appear. Some Posts with Red Coins under them will be here, along with some regular coins and some more Red Coins floating in the air, while Grinders with green watermelons will try and knock out Baby Mario from Yoshi. The player will see a row of 3 coins, and a Flatbed Ferry. More coins and Red Coins will be placed here, along with two rotating paddle wheels. A flower with coins scattered around it and another Grinder spitting out Watermelon seeds can be seen here. If the player jumps straight up from the flower, they will be in a bonus room which will have a Winged Cloud with some stars, two Crates with even more stars in them, and regular coins scattered around everywhere. In the area before this secret one, a jumping Tap-Tap on a Post can be seen here, along with a flower. More Grinders spitting Watermelons at Yoshi while on vines can be seen here, with Red Coins and regular ones scattered everywhere throughout this part of the level. The player will have to ride a paddle wheel to cross this part of the level. After a while, the player will see another flower along with a jumping Tap-Tap on a Post. Another rotating paddle wheel with a jumping Tap-Tap will be seen here, and a flower hiding high up in a tree, with a Fly Guy carrying a Red Coin, and will fly away if the player doesn't get it. A Flatbed Ferry with some Red Coins and regular coins underneath it can be seen here. Two more Flatbed Ferries and an Egg Plant on top of one, with more coins and Red Coins. A lone Grinder shooting Watermelon seeds can be found here too. Now, the player will see a paddle wheel with green Shy-Guys on them. Two Fly Guys with Red Coins will fly up at the top of a tree, and will fly off if the player doesn't hit them. The Goal Point can be seen here, along with the final flower.

This level contains 1 additional Red Coin to the 20 Red Coins that are necessary to complete the level as perfect. It can be found under a tree stump. The tree stump is directly behind the center of a rotating paddle wheel, so it is quite difficult to Ground Pound it. This coin is only present in the SNES version, indicating that it may have been either a glitch or a developmental mistake.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もうやめて!おさるさ~ん!
Mō Yamete! O-Saru Sān!
Enough Already! GRINDERS!
Chinese 别动了!疯猴子们!
Bié Dòng le! Fēng hóuzi men!
Don't Move! Crazy Monkeys!
French Du calme les Singes!! Calm down, Monkeys!!
German Melonenkernhagel Hail of melon seed
Italian La saga delle scimmie continua Monkey saga continues
Spanish Locura simia Ape Madness