Prince Froggy's Fort

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Prince Froggy's Fort
Prince Froggy's Fort.png
World-Level 3-4
Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3
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Prince Froggy's Fort is the fourth level in World 3 in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3. It is the home of the boss, Prince Froggy.


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Yellow Yoshi starts the level in a misty swamp, with an Egg Plant, allowing him to collect eggs. Yoshi has to jump from platform to another, while dealing with Shy-Guys, Spear Guys, and Flopsy Fish in the water. He has to hit a Winged Cloud, which causes a bridge to appear. This bridge allows him to reach a tall plain with an Grinder and thorns, which Yoshi must hit to reveal a hidden door. This door leads Yoshi to a bonus area, where he can turn into the Submarine with the use of a morph bubble, and explore a vast lake, collecting Red Coins while dodging a spinning Tekkyū Dosun. However, his time as a submarine is short as he has to exit this area to the left. After the plain with the Grinder, Yoshi finds two Dizzy Dandies pretending to be flowers, damaging Yoshi if he is not careful. Right after this, Yoshi finds a door to the second area, which is a misty lake in a jungle, where Flopsy Fish jump out of the water in an attempt to harm Yoshi. He finds a door here, which leads him to another room in a jungle. Yoshi finds several Grinders and Short Fuses in this area, as well as Flopsy Fish. Yoshi has to collect some Red Coins in a platform. However, he can also enter a door, which leads him to a dark room with two Clawdaddies. If Yoshi defeats these two Clawdaddies, he gains a flower. Since there is nothing else in the room, Yoshi must return to the previous area, where he must cross an area with a spinning mace and grey blocks that can be destroyed with eggs; there is a Red Coin here. Yoshi also finds a Spray Fish in the water, and a flower near a spinning mace. He also finds another door, leading to another watery room. This time, Yoshi must hit a Bucket with an egg, causing it to fall off the ceiling. Yoshi must then use it to across the water while dealing with Flopsy Fish. He also finds two red coins here. In the other side of the lake, Yoshi finds some Grinders hanging on the walls and a Winged Cloud containing a 1-UP. He must then return to the previous area, and use a paddle wheel to across the lake, but he must be careful, as there are Boo Guys in the ceiling throwing Bombs at him. He also finds some Red Coins, and a Winged Cloud containing a flower on a platform. In the other side, Yoshi finds a Middle Ring and a door leading to a dark room. Here, Yoshi must across the dark corridors, while collecting Red Coins and defeating Clawdaddies. This is not a long room, however, as he finds another door after the third corridor. This door leads him to a room with spikes on the floor, forcing him to hit a Winged Cloud in order to make platforms appear. There are also Lemon Drops in the ceiling. A flower above the spikes can be collected by hitting it with an egg. After this, Yoshi has to use another paddle wheel to across a large area with thorns on the floor, with the last flower in the middle of the route. After this, Yoshi must enter another door, which leads him to a room with some Frog Pirates, a Dizzy Dandy, and the red door leading to the boss, Prince Froggy.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲロゲーロのすむとりで
Gerogēro no Sumu Toride
Froggy's Home Fort
Spanish Castillo del Príncipe Rana Frog Prince's Castle (oddly, the name refers to a castle and not a fort, which is usually the fourth level of every world)
French Antre de Couac la Goinfre. Froggy the Glutton's den.
German Börk Börks Festung Prince Froggy's Fortress
Italian La Fortezza di Sir Ranocchio Sir Froggy's fortress
Chinese 呱呱蛙王子的堡垒
Guāguāwā Wángzǐ de bǎolěi
Prince Froggy's Fortress


  • This is the only level where Kamek's magic affects Yoshi and Baby Mario and not the boss.
  • Although the level's boss fight takes place in Prince Froggy's stomach, Toadies still appear to abduct Baby Mario if Yoshi is harmed and unable to retrieve the lost baby.