Nintendo PowerFest '94

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The Nintendo Powerfest '94 logo.

Nintendo Powerfest '94 (also known as Nintendo World Championships II, 1994 Nintendo Powerfest or just simply Nintendo Powerfest), is a cartridge of a video game for the SNES, and was a video-game competition in 1994 promoted by Nintendo. Many of the competitions were in towns held in a customized trailer outside of stores.


The title screen

Players like in the Nintendo World Championships had to complete three tasks. The following tasks on the following games are shown below:

The final score of each player was calculated with the following equation:

Score from Super Mario Lost Levels

+ (Coins collected in Super Mario Kart x 1,000) + Finishing position score)

+ (Total distance in Major League Baseball x 100) + (Number of home runs x 10,000 in the regional events or 1,000,000 in the Finals)

= Final Score


The Town Competitions were held for three days and the finals were held on a late Sunday afternoon. Eight competitors had the Top 8 final scores, so they were entered into the Top 8.

Top 8:

The top four competitors with the highest scores moved on to the next round.

Top 4:

The top 2 competitors with the highest scores moved on to the next round.


The final 2 competitors went against each other and the winner was crowned "Town Champion".

World Championships[edit]

As Town Competitions finished up, the top four teams from these smaller competitions were emitted to the World Championships, hosted in San Diego, California. The four teams were:

  • Cyclones
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Typhoons

The Tornadoes won the championship with the highest score.

Top Two[edit]

The top two players on Team Tornadoes played against each other on a specialized version of Donkey Kong Country. The two players were Iarossi Mike and Brandon Veach, and Iarossi was victorious, receiving the tile as the 1994 Nintendo Powerfest World Champion.