Nintendo PowerFest '94

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Nintendo PowerFest '94 Logo
The Nintendo PowerFest '94 logo

Nintendo PowerFest '94 (also known as Nintendo World Championships II, 1994 Nintendo PowerFest, or simply Nintendo PowerFest) was a video game competition in 1994 promoted by Nintendo. A cartridge of a video game named after the competition was made for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Like in the Nintendo World Championships, the Nintendo PowerFest '94 cartridge had three games, each having a task that the player had to complete within a certain amount of time. The first two games on the Nintendo PowerFest '94 cartridge are from the Super Mario franchise: the Super Mario All-Stars's Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels remake and Super Mario Kart. In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, the goal was to complete World 1-1 as quickly as possible, while in Super Mario Kart, the players had to get 5 laps on Mario Circuit 1.

The final score of each player for the two games was calculated with the following equation: Score from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels + (Coins collected in Super Mario Kart x 1,000) + Finishing position score)

Nintendo PowerFest '94 had four teams. The top two players on Team Tornadoes, Iarossi Mike and Brandon Veach, played against each other on a specialized version of Donkey Kong Country. Iarossi was victorious, ultimately receiving the tile as the 1994 Nintendo PowerFest World Champion.


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