Golf: Japan Course

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Golf: Japan Course
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Family Computer Disk System
Release date Japan February 21, 1987
Genre Golf
Mode(s) 1-2 players
Floppy disk

Golf: Japan Course is a Japan-exclusive golf game released for the Family Computer Disk System on February 21, 1987. It is a golf game starring Mario and Luigi. It is similar in gameplay to the earlier Golf. The holes in the game are fictional.

The game comes on a blue disk, meaning it is compatible with the Disk Fax, a device found in public places across Japan such as department stores. These machines would send the player's saved games and high score information to Nintendo. Nintendo held a contest centered around this game, and winners received one of two special versions of this game that came on a gold disk.[1] Both versions are harder and have an extra course added in. The top 100 contestants received the Champions' Course gold disk (yellow sticker) which came in a luxury case along with a gold plaque with the winner's name and rank inscribed. On the game's title screen is the contestant's name and rank, making each disk unique.[2] Around 5000 runners-up and raffle winners received the Professional Course gold disk (white sticker) which came in a Diskun case. The redesigned title screen removes "Family Computer" at the top and adds「入賞」(nyūshō, "prize-winning") at the bottom.[3] The Champions' Course is a lot more difficult[4] and one of the rarest games Nintendo ever made.

There are four game modes:

  • Mario Stroke Play: Mario plays by himself.
  • 2 Player Stroke Play: Mario and Luigi play against each other.
  • Mario Match Play (not available in the gold editions): Mario plays against the computer opponent which is a palette swap of the brothers. He wears black overalls and hat over a brown shirt and shoes.
  • 2 Player Match Play: Mario and Luigi play against the computer.

There are four slots to save scores with blank slots recorded as 900. Around 80,000 contestants submitted their Mario Stroke Play scores with the national winner beating the rest with his cumulative score of 87.[5][6] Contestants who had the same score were ranked by when their submission was received.

The game received a companion title a few months later as Golf: U.S. Course, which also had fictional holes.


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴルフJAPANコース
Gorufu Japan Kōsu
Golf: Japan Course


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