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Not to be confused with Game Boy Gallery.
Game & Watch Gallery
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy, Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
Release date Game Boy
Japan February 1, 1997
USA May 1997
UK August 28, 1997
Virtual Console (3DS)
Japan June 22, 2011
USA July 14, 2011
Europe July 21, 2011
Australia July 21, 2011
Genre Platformer
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.png - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
Mode(s) Single player
Game Boy:
Media GB icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 3DS:
Media DL icon.svg Digital download
Nintendo 3DS:

Game & Watch Gallery is a collection of games originally released on Nintendo's Game & Watch. The game includes both original and Modern versions. The original features nameless individuals as the main characters, while the Modern version features Mario and his friends as well as music. Three sequels followed Game & Watch Gallery: Game & Watch Gallery 2, Game & Watch Gallery 3, and Game & Watch Gallery 4.

Mini-games (Classic Version)[edit]

  • Manhole - Pedestrians are walking back and forth over a hole-filled floor, forcing the player to block the holes with a manhole cover in order to prevent the others from falling through.
  • Fire - An apartment is on fire, forcing the people inside to jump out of the window. The player controls two firemen that use their trampoline to bounce them across the screen to safety into the ambulance.
  • Octopus - While a sea diver is diving for treasure, he must avoid the Octopus's arms.
  • Oil Panic - The Station Helper must collect oil dripping from the ceiling in a bucket and dump it out a window to the Station Manager before the bucket overflows.

Mini-games (Modern Version)[edit]

  • Manhole - Toad, Donkey Kong Jr., and Mario are the pedestrians in this version, walking at different speeds, while Yoshi is the character the player controls. In this version, four manholes can stay up at once, unlike the original. The manholes can drop from characters stepping on them, causing the next pedestrian to fall if Yoshi does not act quickly. Yoshi can also hold a manhole in place to keep it from falling.
  • Fire - The setting is now Princess Peach's Castle. The pedestrians are Toad, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong Jr., who all fall according to their weight, while Mario and Luigi are the firemen in this version. New to this version is an egg that contains either a Super Star, which contributes bonus points, or a Bob-omb, which counts as a miss when carried to safety.
  • Octopus - Mario is the diver here, and must deliver treasure to Princess Peach. His speed is affected by how much treasure he is carrying, but he can throw his bag of treasures at the Octopus's arms. Bonus points are awarded depending on how much treasure he gives to Peach.
  • Oil Panic - This time, the oil is dropped by Bowser, and Mario has two buckets to catch oil with. Yoshi serves to dispense oil, and can even be used to take out Bowser from the top of the castle, gaining bonus points in the process.

Character appearances[edit]

Title screen




Oil Panic[edit]

List of Gallery Corner games[edit]

There are sixteen games in all displayed in the Gallery Corner. The first four are unlocked by getting 400 points in a Modern version of a game. The four after that are achieved through 400 points in a classic game. The next four are shown by getting 800 points in the modern games, and the final four games are won through 800 points in the Classic versions. Note that these games are for display only and not playable.

# Name Image Description
NO. 001 Ball GWG1GC-Ball.PNG Released 4/28/1980
First G&W game.
Juggle the balls,
but don't drop'em.
NO. 002 Flag Man GWG1GC-FlagMan.PNG Released 6/5/1980
Silver Series
Get the same num-
ber as the COM.
NO. 003 Vermin GWG1GC-Vermin.PNG Released 7/10/1980
Silver Series
Hit the moles as
they pop up.
NO. 004 Fire GWG1GC-Fire.PNG Released 7/31/1980
-Million Seller-
Help the jumpers
escape the inferno.
NO. 005 Judge GWG1GC-Judge.PNG Released 10/4/1980
Silver Series
Get the larger
number to win.
NO. 006 Manhole GWG1GC-Manhole.PNG Released 1/27/1981
-Million Seller-
Keep pedestrians
from falling.
NO. 007 Helmet GWG1GC-Helmet.PNG Released 2/21/1981
Gold Series
Get into the house
without being hit.
NO. 008 Lion GWG1GC-Lion.PNG Released 4/27/1981
Gold Series
Keep the lions
in their cage.
NO. 009 Parachute GWG1GC-Parachute.PNG Released 6/19/1981
First wide screen.
Catch the people
before they drop.
NO. 010 Octopus GWG1GC-Octopus.PNG Released 7/16/1981
-Million Seller-
Recover the
sunken treasure.
NO. 011 Chef GWG1GC-Chef.PNG Released 9/8/1981
Wide Screen Series
Catch food with
a frying pan.
NO. 012 Turtle Bridge GWG1GC-TurtleBridge.PNG Released 2/1/1982
Wide Screen Series
Ride turtle shells
to the other bank.
NO. 013 Fire Attack GWG1GC-FireAttack.PNG Released 3/26/1982
Wide Screen Series
Stop the enemies
from setting fire.
NO. 014 Mario Bros. GWG1GC-MarioBros.PNG Released 3/14/1983
Wide Multi-screen
Deliver the parts
to the truck.
NO. 015 Mario's Cement Factory GWG1GC-MariosCF.PNG Released 6/16/1983
-Million Seller-
Deliver cement
to the dump.
NO. 016 Boxing GWG1GC-Boxing.PNG Released 7/31/1984
1st of VS Series.
KO your opponent
using punches.


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