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"Game Boy Gallery 3" redirects here. For the game that uses this name in Australia, see Game & Watch Gallery 2.
Game & Watch Gallery 3
North American box art for Game & Watch Gallery 3
Developer Nintendo EAD
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Game Boy Color, Virtual Console (3DS), Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online
Release date Game Boy Color:
Japan April 8, 1999
USA December 6, 1999
Australia 1999[1]
UK February 2000
Europe 2000[2]
Virtual Console (3DS) (full release):
Europe September 25, 2014
Australia September 26, 2014
USA February 5, 2015
Virtual Console (3DS) (promotional release):
Japan November 21, 2014
Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online:
USA February 8, 2023
Japan February 9, 2023
Europe February 9, 2023
Australia February 9, 2023
South Korea February 9, 2023
HK February 9, 2023
Genre Platformer
ESRB:E - Everyone
PEGI:3 - Three years and older
CERO:A - All ages
ACB:G - General
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo Switch:
Digital download
Game Boy Color:
Game Pak
Nintendo 3DS:
Digital download
Nintendo Switch:
Game Boy Color:
Nintendo 3DS:

Game & Watch Gallery 3, known as Game Boy Gallery 4 in Australia and Game Boy Gallery 3 (ゲームボーイギャラリー3 Gēmu Bōi Gyararī 3) in Japan, is a compilation game that was released for the Game Boy Color in Japan, North America, and Australia in 1999 and Europe in 2000. Despite its name, it is actually the fourth game in the Game & Watch Gallery series. The game includes five Game & Watch games playable from the start and five more unlockables, five of which can be played in either Classic Mode with the original Game & Watch characters or an updated Modern Mode featuring characters of the Super Mario franchise along with updated graphics, updated gameplay, and music.

The game was rereleased on the Nintendo 3DS's Virtual Console in Europe on September 25, 2014; in Australia on September 26, 2014; in North America on February 5, 2015; and as a promotional release in Japan on November 21, 2014, for those who register Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and one of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire with Club Nintendo before January 20, 2015. It was also later rereleased for the Nintendo Switch's Game Boy - Nintendo Switch Online service as one of its launch titles on February 8, 2023.


Like the previous games in the series, Game & Watch Gallery 3 features a system to unlock bonus features. As before, every 200 points (20 in Judge, 5 in Flagman) the player reaches in a mode of a minigame is worth a star, up to five stars per minigame mode. The player unlocks features in the Gallery Corner as they collect stars. A very hard mode called Star Mode is unlocked for every game after the player earns at least 1,000 points in Modern Mode. The player can earn a total of 150 stars. If they do, a "Congratulations!!" message appears onscreen.



  • Flagman – In Game A, the player must copy the pattern shown by the flagman. After the player copies the pattern correctly, another step is added for the next round. In Game B, the flagman shows only one number; however, the time to react to this number shortens over time.
  • Judge – A reaction game where the player with a number of equal or higher value attempts to hit the other, while the player with the lower number tries to run away.
  • Lion – A game where the player must control lion tamers on either side of a cage to keep the lions inside.
  • Spitball Sparky – A Breakout-like game where the player must break all the blocks to go up a level.
  • Donkey Kong II – In this rerelease of the game with the same name, Donkey Kong Jr. must hit four keys up the screen in order to free Donkey Kong from chains.

Character appearances[edit]



Turtle Bridge[edit]

Mario Bros.[edit]

Donkey Kong Jr.[edit]

Gallery Corner[edit]

As the player collects stars, they unlock new areas to check out. Below is a list of things that can be unlocked.

Stars Unlockable
5 Sound Test + Museum + Egg added to Museum
10 Gift + new game: Flagman
15 Secret 1 + Donkey Kong II added to Museum
20 New game: Judge
25 Pinball added to Museum
30 New game: Lion
35 Donkey Kong Hockey added to Museum
40 New game: Spitball Sparky
45 Donkey Kong Circus added to Museum
50 New game: Donkey Kong II + staff credits
55 Super Mario Bros. added to Museum
60 Secret 2
65 Climber added to Museum
70 Balloon Fight added to Museum
100 Cast credits
120 All Museum titles unlocked

Note: Players can alternatively connect Game & Watch Gallery 3 with Game & Watch Gallery and Game & Watch Gallery 2 to unlock Game & Watch titles for the Museum with a Game Link Cable and two Game Boy Colors, but this was removed in the 3DS Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Online versions. Instructions on how to link the games together are still listed in the rereleases, but they cannot be selected.

Hard Mode in Judge is replaced with a 2P VS mode, but due to Game Boy and Game Boy Color Virtual Console games on the Nintendo 3DS not having two-player functions, this mode cannot be selected in those versions.

All Museum titles in previous games reappear in this Museum.

This is the first Game & Watch game to have the Gift mode visitable at any point. Although the Gift Function was present in Game & Watch Gallery 2, it could be visited only when a new game/function was unlocked.


As the player collects stars, they unlock a feature called Secret 1. This feature describes information regarding an inverted version of the Game & Watch title Fire (Silver series). When the player unlocks Secret 2, they can play the inverted Fire at any time but are not able to pause the game, and consequently, they cannot perform an autosave to continue later. Instead, pressing Start Button sends the player back to the Gallery Corner.

The high score is not recorded for this version of Fire, nor can stars be earned by playing it.

List of Museum games[edit]

# Name Image Description
NO. 026 Egg Egg as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 October 9th, 1981

Outside Japan only

Carefully catch the eggs laid by the hens!

NO. 055 Donkey Kong II Donkey Kong II as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 March 7th, 1983

In this sequel, the son rescues his captured father.

NO. 059 Pinball Pinball as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 December 5th, 1983

Get the high score without dropping a ball!

NO. 303 Donkey Kong Hockey Donkey Kong Hockey as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 November 13th, 1984

Mario and DK play hockey. For 1 or 2 players.

NO. 096 Donkey Kong Circus Donkey Kong Circus as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 September 6th, 1984

Outside Japan only

DK juggles pineapples in a panoramic setting.

NO. 801 Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros. as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 June 25th, 1986

Outside Japan only

Classic NES game. Help Mario rescue Princess Peach.

NO. 802 Climber Climber as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 July 4th, 1986

Outside Japan only

Break through the ceiling to reach the top floor!

NO. 803 Balloon Fight Balloon Fight as it appears in the museum of Game & Watch Gallery 3 November 19th, 1986

Outside Japan only

Dodge obstacles while collecting balloons in the air.


Box art[edit]





Release Reviewer, Publication Score Comment
Nintendo 3DS Philip J Reed, Nintendo Life 8/10 "If you liked the original Game & Watch titles, this collection is a must-have. Both the originals and remakes, which combine simple gameplay and subtle strategy, are here to enjoy, and the updates are so well done that we'd recommend this game even to those who don't like the Game & Watch series. The newer versions play differently enough that you're quite likely to consider them new experiences in and of themselves. The musical and visual presentation is just fantastic as well, and the entire package serves as a relic of a truly magical time in gaming. Or, perhaps, two truly magical times."
Game Boy Color Craig Harris, IGN 8/10 "It's not going to take a permanent place in the back of your Game Boy's cartridge slot, but Game & Watch is a great diversion -- and each game pak has gotten increasingly better. This one is indeed the best of the bunch, simply because there are so many extras to uncover. Just don't expect anything more than what they are -- simple games for simple technology. We salute you, Gumpei Yokoi."
Compiler Platform / Score
GameRankings 82.67%


Main article: List of Game & Watch Gallery 3 staff


Audio.svg Title Screen - Title Screen theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Title Screen.oga
Audio.svg Game Select - Game Select theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Game Select.oga
Audio.svg Mode Select - Mode Select theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Mode Select.oga
Audio.svg Egg - Egg theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Egg.oga
Audio.svg Greenhouse - Greenhouse theme
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Audio.svg Turtle Bridge - Turtle Bridge theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Turtle Bridge.oga
Audio.svg Mario Bros. - Mario Bros. theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Mario Bros.oga
Audio.svg Mario Bros. 2 - Mario Bros. reversed conveyor belts theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Mario Bros Reverse.oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong Jr. Area 1 - Donkey Kong Jr. Area 1 theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Donkey Kong Jr Area 1.oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong Jr. Area 2 - Donkey Kong Jr. Area 2 theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Donkey Kong Jr Area 2.oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong Jr. Area 3 - Donkey Kong Jr. Area 3 theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Donkey Kong Jr Area 3.oga
Audio.svg Message - Message theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Message.oga
Audio.svg Gallery Corner - Gallery Corner theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Gallery Corner.oga
Audio.svg Note Board - Note Board theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Note Board.oga
Audio.svg Music Room - Music Room theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Music Room.oga
Audio.svg Museum - Museum and inside unlockable games theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Museum.oga
Audio.svg Museum 2 - Museum (inside linkable games)
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Museum Inside Linkable Games.oga
Audio.svg Secrets - Secrets theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Secrets.oga
Audio.svg Pause - Pause jingle
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Pause.oga
Audio.svg Game Over - Game Over jingle
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Game Over.oga
Audio.svg Credits - Credits theme
File infoMedia:G&WG3 Credits.oga
Help:MediaHaving trouble playing?

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

This content was found in the game data, but part of it is accessible only through cheat codes. The title screen includes crude cave painting-like placeholder graphics, including what appears to be Mario and Luigi having successfully hunted Pikachu.

Early title screen[edit]

Gallery Corner[edit]



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲームボーイギャラリー3
Gēmu Bōi Gyararī 3
Game Boy Gallery 3


GWG3 GB Mode.png
The Game Boy displays a Game Boy.
GWG3 GBC Mode.png
The Game Boy Color displays a Game Boy Color.
  • Depending on what Game Boy hardware the game is played on, it displays appropriate hardware for controls when the mode for each game is selected, except for the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Player, which display a Game Boy Color regardless.
  • The English character credits display each character with their Japanese name.


  1. ^ Copyright date on the back cover of the Australian box
  2. ^ Copyright date on the back cover of the European box