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This article is about the food item. For the game, see Yoshi's Cookie. For the glider in Mario Kart Tour, see Yoshi's Cookies.
Yoshi Cookie
Yoshi Cookie
First appearance Yoshi's Cookie (1992)
Latest appearance Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) (2023)

Yoshi Cookies are the favorite snack of the Yoshis. They are featured as a special item in various Super Mario titles and also come in a variety of shapes, including flowers, hearts, squares, circles, and even Yoshi's face. Some cookies are chocolate, vanilla, or sugar cookies with icing or jam in their centers, while others carry a checkerboard design.


Yoshi's Cookie[edit]

In their debut title Yoshi's Cookie, a puzzle game, Yoshi Cookies enter from either the top or side of the screen as Mario, dressed as a baker, pulls a lever. The plot of the game, in a fashion similar to Tetris or Dr. Mario, is to clear them out as Mario continues to fill the screen with more cookies. This is done by pressing the A button and shifting an entire row of cookies. Once a row is, either horizontally or vertically, filled with the same kind of cookie, it is cleared from the screen. The Yoshi-shaped cookie acted like any kind of cookie.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island[edit]

During development of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Yoshi Cookies were considered to make an appearance, but no graphics remain in the final game.[1]

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Reference to Yoshi's Cookie. Page 20, volume 8 of Super Mario-kun.
Super Mario-kun, chef Mario and his Yoshi Cookies

In volume 8 of Super Mario-kun (an adaption of Super Mario Bros. 2), Mario briefly becomes a chef and throws Yoshi Cookies.

During the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins arc, which happens after the Super Mario World arc, Yoshi sends Mario some of his island food as thanks for helping him free Dinosaur Land from Bowser. One of the presents is a living Yoshi's head-shaped Yoshi Cookie named Yokkī, who helps him by biting and eating everything it faces.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

Yoshi eating a cookie in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars promotional artwork: A Yoshi Cookie
Yoshi Cookie artwork from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
“Summons Yoshi during battle”
Item description, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario and Yoshi are required to bring Yoshi Cookies to Boshi in exchange for a race. Yoshi Cookies can also be used in battle to summon Yoshi, where he will attempt to eat an enemy. If successful, the enemy is transformed into an item, with the item obtained being determined by the type of enemy. If unsuccessful, Yoshi gives the player a Yoshi Candy or a Yoshi-Ade. Bosses and some enemies cannot be eaten.

A red Yoshi near the GOAL letters can store Cookies for Mario, up to a limit of 200. If the number of cookies goes over the 200 maximum, the Yoshi will eat the rest.

Yoshi Cookie items[edit]

The following is a list of items and the enemies from which they are transformed in both versions of the game.

Item Enemies
Super Nintendo Nintendo Switch[2]
Mushroom 100%: Goomba, Sky Troopa, Rat Funk, Cheep Cheep, Starslap, Buzzer, Mr. Kipper, Dry Bones, Bandana Blue, Chomp Chomp, Body, Machine Made (Shymore), Machine Made (Jabit)
Mid Mushroom 100%: Crook, Artichoker, Terra Cotta
Max Mushroom 100%: Sackit, Fink Flower, Ameboid
Tadpola Cola 100%: Gecko, Octovader, Pro Goomba
Frogleg Cola 100%: Bloober, Ribbite, Tub-O-Troopa, Springer 10%: Grand Troopa
100%: Blooper, Ribbite, Springer
Finless Cola 25%: Leuko, Hippopo 10%: Leuko, Hippopo
Croaka Cola 25%: Shy Ranger 10%: Shy Ranger
Honey Syrup 100%: Shadow, Shy Guy, Octolot, Carroboscis, Jester, Greaper 90%: Shadow
100%: Shy Guy, Octolot, Carroboscis, Jester, Greaper
Maple Syrup 100%: Lakitu, Orb User, Gorgon, Shy Away, Sling Shy, Malakoopa 90%: Orb User
100%: Lakitu, Enigmax, Beezo, Sling Shy, Malakoopa
Royal Syrup 100%: Shogun, Orbison, Shaman, Stumpet, Forkie
Pick Me Up 100%: Cluster, Rob-omb, Dollox, Pulsar, Reacher, Pinwheel, Chained Kong, Big Blaster, Doppel
Cleansing Juice 100%: Frogog, Wiggler, Guerrilla, Alley Rat, Stinger
Party Cleanse 100%: High Boo
Bracer 75%: Spikey, Magmite, Spikester, Chomp, Crusty
100%: Bluebird, Magmus, Jabit
30%: Magmite
50%: Chain Chomp
60%: Spikey, Spikester
100%: Bluebird, Magmus, Jabit
Energizer 75%: K-9, Arachne, Enigma, Bandana Red
100%: Geckit, Birdy, Oerlikon, Mad Mallet, Pounder, Poundette
30%: K-9
50%: Arachne
70%: Enigma, Bandana Red
80%: Mad Mallet
90%: Birdy, Poundette
100%: Geckit, Urspike, Pounder
Party Bracer 25%: Mastadoom, Kriffid, Heavy Troopa, Corkpedite, Star Cruster 10%: Big Troopa
20%: Mastadoom, Kriffid
30%: Stompillar, Star Cruster
Party Energizer 25%: Spinthra, Armored Ant, Ninja 10%: Spinthra, Armored Ant, Ninja
Pure Water 100%: Hobgoblin, Straw Head, Vomer, Glum Reaper
Poison Mushroom 100%: Amanita, Chewy
Sleepy Bomb 75%: Snapdragon, Piranha Plant, Snifit, Zeostar 50%: Snapdragon, Zeostar
60%: Piranha Plant, Snifit
Fright Bomb 75%:Boo, Blaster
100%: Chow
60%: Boo, Blaster
100%: Chow
Fire Bomb 25%: Lava Bubble, Lava Blubble, Lava Babble 10%: Lava Bubble, Lava Blubble, Lava Babble
Ice Bomb 25%: Muckle 10%: Muckle
Rock Candy 25%: Jawful, Puppox 10%: Jawful, Puppox
Thropher Cookie 100%: Thropher

Game & Watch Gallery series[edit]

Game & Watch Gallery 3[edit]

In Game & Watch Gallery 3, the Modern version of Egg replaces the titular eggs with Yoshi Cookies, which bake while rolling down slopes. The Light Blue Yoshi can grab them at a certain distance, but if he waits too long, they will fall to the ground and be burned.

Game & Watch Gallery 4[edit]

G&WG4 CF Yoshi Cookie.png

In Game & Watch Gallery 4, the Modern version of Mario's Cement Factory replaces cement-making with cookie-making. The cookies are from Yoshi's Cookie. If Yoshi gets the Yoshi Cookies from the top sent by Mario, he will instead eat the Yoshi Cookies instead of packaging them. If the Yoshi Cookies are sent to Toad at the right side, he will package them.

Paper Mario[edit]

Yoshi Cookie
PaperMario Items YoshiCookie.png
Paper Mario description A cookie baked by Tayce T. Restores 15 HP and 15 FP.

In Paper Mario, if Mario gives Tayce T. a Melon and a Cake Mix, she will make a single Yoshi Cookie. It restores fifteen HP and fifteen FP. It can also be sold for twenty coins at most shops, or thirty coins at Yoshi's Cabana.

Mario Kart series[edit]

A Bob-omb Blast battle is getting started at Cookie Land.
The battle arena Cookie Land from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

In Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the battle arena Cookie Land is shaped like a cookie and has a variety of Yoshi Cookies in the background. This stage reappears in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart Tour as a retro stage. Tour updates the Yoshi head cookie to have an open mouth.

A glider based on Yoshi Cookies, aptly named the Yoshi's Cookies, appears in Mario Kart Tour starting with the 2023 Yoshi Tour.

Mario & Luigi series[edit]

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[edit]

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time in Yoshi's Island of the past, Kamek searches for cookies for Baby Bowser. When Kamek gives them to him, Baby Bowser eats too fast, chokes and drinks some milk. Baby Bowser gets enraged when he finds out that Baby Mario and Baby Luigi ate the cookies while he was talking to Mario and Luigi. Luigi takes four Yoshi Cookies that Kamek dropped and gives one to Baby Luigi immediately. Later, he gives two cookies to Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to calm them down after entering Yoob's Belly. Luigi gave Baby Luigi the last cookie at the very end of the game, in exchange for Baby Luigi's Hammer.

Yoshi's Woolly World[edit]

Yoshi Cookies as seen in Yoshi's Woolly World.

In Yoshi's Woolly World, Yoshi Cookies appear in the level Yoshi and Cookies. There are two types: a type that expands when Yoshi stands on one based on cookie sandwiches, and a grouped, checkered type that appears in the background but collapses when Yoshi goes near them.

Mario Party: Star Rush[edit]

Mario Party: Star Rush E3 2016 screenshot
Yoshi Cookies in Mario Party: Star Rush

Yoshi Cookies also appear in Mario Party: Star Rush as the basis for the minigame Greedy Eats.

Yoshi's Crafted World[edit]

A Yoshi Cookie craft can be found on the flip side of the course Poochy's Sweet Run in Yoshi's Crafted World.

Other appearances[edit]

Tetris DS[edit]

Puzzle Mode from Tetris DS.

In Tetris DS, Yoshi Cookies appear in the Puzzle Mode, which is based off of the NES version of Yoshi's Cookie. They appear in the glass tube that forms the bottom and left edges, where they are constantly moving. They also appear on the Touch Screen of the same mode, forming a certain pattern in the background, and also in the foreground, where Yoshi is seen eating a heap of Yoshi cookies in the middle.

Pikmin 4[edit]

In Pikmin 4, five of the six Yoshi Cookies appear as treasures in the Sweet Tooth Series, with the exception of the cookie shaped like Yoshi's head. The treasures are refered to internally with YOSHICOOKIE, solidifying the reference.

Unused appearances[edit]

New Super Mario Bros. Wii[edit]

NSMBW Unused Yoshi Cookie Sprite.png

Yoshi Cookies were originally going to appear in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but were scrapped for unknown reasons. They had similar effects in the game as a fruit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヨッシーのクッキー
Yosshī no kukkī
Yoshi's Cookie

Chinese (simplified) 耀西的饼干
Yàoxī de Bǐngqián
Yoshi's Biscuit

Chinese (traditional) 耀西的餅乾
Yàoxī de Bǐngqián
Yoshi's Biscuit

Dutch Yoshi-koekje
Yoshi cookie
French Biscuit Yoshi
Yoshi cookie
German Yoshi-Keks
Yoshi cookie
Italian Biscotto di Yoshi
Yoshi's Cookie
Korean 요시의 쿠키
Yosi-ui Kuki
Yoshi's Cookie

Spanish Galleta Yoshi
Yoshi cookie