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This article is about the item from Paper Mario. For the item from Mario's Time Machine, see Scarf (Mario's Time Machine).
PM Scarf.png
"An ordinary scarf from Merle in Starborn Valley."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)

The Scarf (alternatively known as the Fabulous Scarf[1]) is an item that Mario must receive from Merle in Starborn Valley during the events of Paper Mario. Once Mario meets Merle, the player must follow him into his cabin to receive the Scarf. If Mario puts the Scarf on a snowman in Shiver Snowfield, along with a Bucket he received from Mayor Penguin in Shiver City, the doorway to Shiver Mountain and the Crystal Palace opens.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でんせつのマフラー[2]
Densetsu no Mafurā
Legend Scarf
Chinese (Simplified) 传奇围巾[3]
Chuánqí Wéijīn
Legendary Scarf


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