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This article is about the item from Paper Mario. For the item in Mario's Time Machine of the same name, see Dictionary (Mario's Time Machine).
The Dictionary from Paper Mario.
Paper Mario description The scholar Russ T.'s dictionary. Return it to him.

The Dictionary is a special item found in Paper Mario. After Mario rescues the third Star Spirit, Skolar, Mario and his partners return to Toad Town, only to find that it is hardly in the tranquil state in which they left it. Shy Guys are now running rampant, stealing personal belongings from residents and pulling a variety of other pranks. Upon approaching Russ T.'s home, Mario and friends witness a Shy Guy stealing the titular tome. Without it, Russ T. claims that he will lose IQ points and he is unable to aid Mario in his quest, which is unfortunate because he is the only one who can read the Mystery Note (which contains the clue for the order in which Green Station's four colored boxes must be hit to restore the track leading to Red station) found in Shy Guy's Toy Box.

Retrieving it is optional, as it is possible to restore the track without reading the Mystery Note provided the boxes are hit in the correct order, though Russ T. will not provide his helpful hints until it is returned.

When Mario returns it to Russ T., he is glad, he then rewards Mario with a single Star Piece and reads the note.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese じしょ[1]
Chinese 字典
Spanish Diccionario Dictionary


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