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This article is about the item from Paper Mario. For the item in Mario's Time Machine of the same name, see Dictionary (Mario's Time Machine).
The Dictionary from Paper Mario.
Paper Mario description The scholar Russ T.'s dictionary. Return it to him.
“My Dictionary! Oh, wonderful words! Many thanks, Mario.”
Russ T., Paper Mario

The Dictionary is a key item found in Paper Mario. It belongs to Russ T., and it is stolen by Shy Guys after Mario rescues Skolar. Without it, Russ T. claims that he will lose IQ points, and he is unable to read the Mystery Note. He additionally cannot give out information to Mario until his Dictionary is returned.

The Dictionary is found in a treasure chest in the far east portion of the Green Station area. When Mario returns it to Russ T., he rewards Mario with a Star Piece.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese じしょ[1]
Chinese 字典
Spanish Diccionario Dictionary


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