Old Photo

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Old Photo
Sprite of the Old Photo
"Is this a picture of young Koopa Koot? He wants this."
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“This is a photo of us from when he passed through these parts. Take this and say hello to Koopa Koot for me...”
Franky, Paper Mario

The Old Photo is a special item found in Paper Mario.

After defeating General Guy and completing Chapter 4, Mario can take up Koopa Koot's newly thought-up favors. If Mario accepts the second favor, Koopa Koot will be glad and state that he recently heard local Koopa Troopas talking about how unpopular and cheap he has become, and how frustrating this is for him as he used to be a great adventurer. In a non-sequitur way, he changes the subject and asks that Mario retrieves the Old Photo from a Boo in Boo's Mansion, as he wishes to have the picture back.

When Mario goes to Boo's Mansion and talks to Franky, the first Boo who resides in the living room, he states that Koopa Koot has his own motto: "If it moves, use it until it drops". The Boo also tells Mario that the reason Koopa Koot became an adventurer was because of fights that he had over his personality when he was younger. After one really bad fight, Koopa Koot decided to start traveling a lot. He states that he met Koopa Koot when he had passed through Gusty Gulch during his adventures.

After Mario returns the Old Photo to Koopa Koot, he begins to drone on about his youth again regarding how much love and passion he had. When he is done talking, he rewards Mario a single Coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese むかしのしゃしん[1]
Mukashi no Shashin
Old Photo


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