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Tasty Tonic
PaperMario Items TastyTonic.png Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Paper Mario description A very tasty tonic. Cures poisoning and shrinking.
The Thousand-Year Door description A tasty medicine. Cures poison and other ailments.
“It's my all-time favorite drink. It really clears out the old beak, yes indeed.”
Koopa Koot, Paper Mario

A Tasty Tonic is an item in Paper Mario. The item is sold all over the world but is least expensive at Yoshi's Cabana for the price of two coins each; this is likely due to the large amount of poisonous enemies on Lavalava Island. A lot of Tasty Tonics are available throughout the game, in most item stores. A Tasty Tonic cures any Poison and/or shrinking done to Mario. They can be used outside of battle, but does not have any effect because all status ailments go away at the end of a battle.

A Tasty Tonic can be found left of the oasis in Dry Dry Desert.

The Tasty Tonic reappears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and serves the same purpose. It is sold in the item shop in Rogueport for three coins; it is also sold on the Excess Express for three coins.

Tasty Tonics were taken out of Super Paper Mario, likely because there is no 'Shrinking' in this game and a normal HP recovery item will cure poisoning.

Paper Mario locations[edit]


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Lime Tasty Tonic
Bubble Berry
Honey Syrup + Yellow Berry
Honey Syrup + Blue Berry
Honey Syrup + Red Berry
Honey Syrup + Apple
Honey Syrup + Lemon
Honey Syrup + Lime
Honey Syrup + Coconut

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スッキリドリンク[1]
Sukkiri Dorinku
Refresh Drink
Chinese 恢复饮料
Huīfù Yǐnliào
Restoring Drink
French Tonifiant Toning
German Saures Tonic sour tonic
Italian Fit Tonic -
Spanish Tónico Tonic


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