Sap Syrup

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Sap Syrup
Sap Syrup SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description A strangely named syrup with even stranger effects.

Sap Syrup is a recipe in Super Paper Mario made by Saffron using a Sap Soup. It briefly halves damage taken for 40 seconds and slowly regenerates HP by thirteen total points.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナぢるシロップ
Hanajiru Shiroppu
Sap Soup Syrup

French Sirop de sève
Sap Syrup
German Sirup
Italian Sciroppo di Re Cardo
King Croacus' Syrup
Korean 꽃꿀시럴
Kkochkkul Sileol
Flower Honey Syrup

Spanish Sirope de Savia
Sap Syrup