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List of Tayce T. recipes

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Mario giving ingredients to Tayce T.

This is the list of recipes that can be made by Tayce T., a Toad Town chef in Paper Mario.

At first, she can only bake with one ingredient. After Mario gives her the Cookbook dropped by Gourmet Guy, she can also use two ingredients, but they cannot be the same. (For example, she cannot cook a Mushroom with another Mushroom.) When she cooks certain dishes, such as the Bland Meal, she mentions that it is one of her specialties.

In total, there are fifty recipes (not counting the Mistake) in the game. This means there are fifty-one resulting items, but they can be made in various ways. The following list shows each recipe, its ingredients, its effect, and its selling price in Toad Town. As mentioned in the game, prices may vary from store to store.

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Name of Recipe Sell Price (in coins) Ingredients Effect
  Apple Pie* 10   Apple +   Cake Mix Restores 5 HP and 15 FP.
  Big Cookie* 10   Egg +   Cake Mix
  Goomnut +   Cake Mix
  Red Berry +   Cake Mix
  Yellow Berry +   Cake Mix
  Blue Berry +   Cake Mix
Restores 20 FP.
  Bland Meal* 15   Koopa Leaf +   Goomnut
  Koopa Leaf +   Red Berry
  Koopa Leaf +   Yellow Berry
  Koopa Leaf +   Blue Berry
  Strange Leaf +   Goomnut
  Strange Leaf +   Dried Pasta
  Iced Potato +   Mushroom
  Iced Potato +   Volt Shroom
  Iced Potato +   Super Shroom
  Iced Potato +   Life Shroom
  Iced Potato +   Cake Mix
  Iced Potato +   Egg
  Iced Potato +   Coconut
  Iced Potato +   Dried Pasta
  Fire Flower +   Goomnut
  Fire Flower +   Volt Shroom
  Fire Flower +   Super Shroom
  Fire Flower +   Life Shroom
  Fried Shroom +   Potato Salad
  Egg +   Mushroom
  Egg +   Volt Shroom
  Egg +   Super Shroom
  Egg +   Life Shroom
  Egg +   Dried Pasta
  Dried Pasta +   Goomnut
  Dried Pasta +   Coconut
  Dried Pasta +   Mushroom
  Dried Pasta +   Volt Shroom
  Dried Pasta +   Super Shroom
  Dried Pasta +   Life Shroom
  Dried Pasta +   Red Berry
  Dried Pasta +   Yellow Berry
  Dried Pasta +   Blue Berry
Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
  Boiled Egg* 10   Egg +   Strange Leaf
  Egg +   Stinky Herb
Restores 8 HP and 8 FP.
  Cake 15   Cake Mix Restores 15 FP.
  Coco Pop 12   Coconut +   Cake Mix Restores 3 HP and 15 FP.
  Deluxe Feast 70   Whacka's Bump +   Strange Leaf
  Potato Salad +   Shroom Steak
Restores 40 HP and 40 FP.
  Dizzy Dial* 6   Strange Leaf**
  Strange Leaf +   Volt Shroom
  Strange Leaf +   Stinky Herb
Makes weak enemies dizzy.
  Egg Missile* 10   Fire Flower +   Egg Deals 6 HP of damage to one enemy.
  Electro Pop 25   Volt Shroom +   Cake Mix Restores 15 FP and makes Mario electrified.
  Fire Flower* 4   Dried Fruit +   Strange Leaf Deals 3 HP of damage to all enemies.
  Fire Pop 20   Cake Mix +   Fire Flower Deals 1 HP of damage to Mario and restores 20 FP.
  Fried Egg* 7   Egg Restores 10 HP.
  Fried Shroom* 5   Dried Shroom**
  Super Shroom
  Dried Shroom +   Mushroom
  Dried Shroom +   Fire Flower
Restores 6 HP and 2 FP.
  Frozen Fries 18   Fire Flower +   Iced Potato Restores 15 HP.
  Healthy Juice 25   Special Shake +   Stinky Herb
  Special Shake +   Dried Shroom
  Special Shake +   Strange Leaf
Restores 40 FP.
  Honey Candy 15   Cake Mix +   Honey Syrup Restores 20 FP.
  Honey Shroom* 10   Mushroom +   Honey Syrup Restores 5 HP and 5 FP.
  Honey Super 20   Super Shroom +   Honey Syrup
  Life Shroom +   Honey Syrup
  Volt Shroom +   Honey Syrup
Restores 10 HP and 5 FP.
  Honey Ultra 75   Ultra Shroom +   Honey Syrup Restores 50 HP and 5 FP.
  Hot Shroom 15   Dried Shroom +   Super Shroom
  Mushroom +   Super Shroom
  Dried Shroom +   Volt Shroom
  Mushroom +   Volt Shroom
  Super Shroom +   Volt Shroom
  Mushroom +   Fire Flower
  Life Shroom
  Volt Shroom
Restores 15 HP and 5 FP.
  Jelly Pop 100   Cake Mix +   Jammin' Jelly Restores 64 FP.
  Jelly Shroom 75   Mushroom +   Jammin' Jelly Restores 5 HP and 50 FP.
  Jelly Super 85   Super Shroom +   Jammin' Jelly
  Life Shroom +   Jammin' Jelly
  Volt Shroom +   Jammin' Jelly
Restores 10 HP and 50 FP.
  Jelly Ultra 200   Ultra Shroom +   Jammin' Jelly Restores 50 HP and 50 FP.
  Kooky Cookie* 12   Cake Mix +   Koopa Leaf
  Cake Mix +   Stinky Herb
  Cake Mix +   Maple Syrup
Restores 15 FP and makes Mario electrified, invisible, or sleeping.
  Koopasta* 10   Koopa Leaf +   Dried Pasta Restores 7 HP and 7 FP.
  Koopa Tea* 3   Koopa Leaf Restores 7 FP.
  Lemon Candy 15   Lemon +   Cake Mix Restores 5 HP and 15 FP.
  Life Shroom* 20   Super Shroom +   Koopa Leaf
  Volt Shroom +   Koopa Leaf
  Ultra Shroom +   Koopa Leaf
  Life Shroom +   Koopa Leaf
  Super Shroom +   Goomnut
  Volt Shroom +   Goomnut
  Ultra Shroom +   Goomnut
  Life Shroom +   Goomnut
  Super Shroom +   Strange Leaf
  Ultra Shroom +   Strange Leaf
  Life Shroom +   Strange Leaf
Restores 10 HP. Used automatically when Mario runs out of HP.
  Lime Candy 15   Lime +   Cake Mix Restores 20 FP.
  Maple Shroom 25   Mushroom +   Maple Syrup Restores 5 HP and 10 FP.
  Maple Super 35   Super Shroom +   Maple Syrup
  Life Shroom +   Maple Syrup
  Volt Shroom +   Maple Syrup
Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
  Maple Ultra 100   Ultra Shroom +   Maple Syrup Restores 50 HP and 10 FP.
  Mistake* 1 Any invalid combination Restores 1 HP and 1 FP.
  Nutty Cake 6   Goomnut Restores 10 FP.
  Potato Salad* 6   Iced Potato Restores 10 HP.
  Shroom Cake 20   Mushroom +   Cake Mix
  Super Shroom +   Cake Mix
Restores 10 HP and 10 FP.
  Shroom Steak 45   Ultra Shroom
  Ultra Shroom +   Mushroom
  Ultra Shroom +   Super Shroom
  Life Shroom +   Mushroom
  Life Shroom +   Super Shroom
  Life Shroom +   Ultra Shroom
  Volt Shroom +   Ultra Shroom
  Dried Shroom +   Ultra Shroom
  Dried Shroom +   Life Shroom
Restores 30 HP and 10 FP.
  Sleepy Sheep* 4   Red Berry +   Strange Leaf
  Yellow Berry +   Strange Leaf
  Blue Berry +   Strange Leaf
Makes weak enemies sleep.
  Spaghetti* 7   Dried Pasta Restores 6 HP and 4 FP.
  Special Shake* 10   Melon
  Melon +   Lime
  Melon +   Lemon
  Melon +   Honey Syrup
  Melon +   Maple Syrup
  Melon +   Jammin Jelly
  Melon +   Apple
  Melon +   Red Berry
  Melon +   Yellow Berry
  Melon +   Blue Berry
  Melon +   Koopa Leaf
  Melon +   Strange Leaf
  Jammin Jelly +   Coconut
  Jammin Jelly +   Lime
  Jammin Jelly +   Lemon
  Jammin Jelly +   Honey Syrup
  Jammin Jelly +   Maple Syrup
  Jammin Jelly +   Apple
  Jammin Jelly +   Red Berry
  Jammin Jelly +   Yellow Berry
  Jammin Jelly +   Blue Berry
Restores 20 FP.
  Spicy Soup* 10   Fire Flower Restores 4 HP and 4 FP.
  Strange Cake 10   Strange Leaf +   Cake Mix Makes Mario electrified, invisible, or sleepy.
  Super Soda* 7   Honey Syrup
  Maple Syrup
  Blue Berry**
  Red Berry**
  Yellow Berry**
  Jammin Jelly
  Honey Syrup +   Maple Syrup
  Honey Syrup +   Koopa Leaf
  Lime +   Maple Syrup
  Apple +   Maple Syrup
  Lime +   Koopa Leaf
  Lime +   Lemon
  Lime +   Blue Berry
  Lime +   Red Berry
  Lime +   Yellow Berry
  Lime +   Apple
  Lemon +   Blue Berry
  Lemon +   Red Berry
  Lemon +   Yellow Berry
  Lemon +   Maple Syrup
  Lemon +   Koopa Leaf
  Lemon +   Apple
  Apple +   Blue Berry
  Apple +   Red Berry
  Apple +   Yellow Berry
  Jammin Jelly +   Koopa Leaf
  Yellow Berry +   Blue Berry
  Yellow Berry +   Red Berry
  Blue Berry +   Red Berry
  Coconut +   Blue Berry
  Coconut +   Red Berry
  Coconut +   Yellow Berry
  Coconut +   Apple
  Coconut +   Melon
  Coconut +   Koopa Leaf
  Blue Berry +   Maple Syrup
  Red Berry +   Maple Syrup
  Yellow Berry +   Maple Syrup
  Koopa Leaf +   Maple Syrup
  Coconut +   Maple Syrup
Restores 5 FP and cures poison and shrinking.
  Sweet Shroom 50   Cake Mix +   Ultra Shroom
  Cake Mix +   Life Shroom
Restores 30 HP and 20 FP.
  Tasty Tonic* 1   Red Berry +   Honey Syrup
  Yellow Berry +   Honey Syrup
  Blue Berry +   Honey Syrup
  Apple +   Honey Syrup
  Lemon +   Honey Syrup
  Lime +   Honey Syrup
  Coconut +   Honey Syrup
  Bubble Berry**
Cures poison and shrinking.
  Thunder Rage* 8   Dried Fruit +   Volt Shroom Deals 5 HP of damage to all enemies.
  Volt Shroom* 7   Mushroom +   Koopa Leaf***
  Mushroom +   Goomnut***
  Mushroom +   Strange Leaf***
  Mushroom +   Dried Fruit
  Super Shroom +   Dried Fruit
  Ultra Shroom +   Dried Fruit
  Life Shroom +   Dried Fruit
Makes Mario electrified.
  Yoshi Cookie 20   Melon +   Cake Mix Restores 15 HP and 15 FP.
  Yummy Meal 15   Whacka's Bump**
  Dried Fruit +   Dried Pasta
  Dried Fruit +   Iced Potato
  Fire Flower +   Ultra Shroom
  Dried Pasta +   Ultra Shroom
  Egg +   Ultra Shroom
  Iced Potato +   Ultra Shroom
  Strange Leaf +   Iced Potato
  Hot Shroom +   Potato Salad
  Spaghetti +   Potato Salad
Restores 20 HP and 20 FP.

* These items can be cooked from a Mystery?, and doing so does count toward the recipe total. Cooking a Mystery? has a 50% chance of resulting in a Mistake and about a 2.17% chance of resulting in each of the other possible items.
** These recipes require the Cookbook even though they are made with only one item and will otherwise result in a Mistake.
*** These recipes make a Life Shroom rather than a Volt Shroom on the Japanese version of the game.