Standard Chocolate

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Standard Chocolate
Standard Chocolate SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Strange-tasting chocolate. It makes you feel sluggish.

A Standard Chocolate is a recipe found in Super Paper Mario, made by Dyllis. Despite being said to cause sluggishness, it causes the Prohibited Command status. It is made by mixing a Mild Cocoa Bean with either a Poison Shroom or a Ghost Shroom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いかがわしいチョコ
Ikagawashii Choko
Suspicious Chocolate
French Chocomasque Choco-mask
German Gruselschoki Creepy chocolate
Italian Ciocomaschera Choco-mask
Korean 의심스러운 초콜릿
Uisimseuleoun Chokollis
Questionable Chocolate
Spanish Chocomáscara Choco-mask