Dyllis Breakfast

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Dyllis Breakfast
Dyllis Breakfast SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Dyllis's signature breakfast. Heals 15 HP and cures poison.

The Dyllis Breakfast is one of the recipes from Super Paper Mario. Dyllis makes this dish out of a Shroom Shake and Spicy Soup. The dish looks like the substance has been put inside the bowl of the spicy soup, now having handles. Using this restores fifteen HP and cures poison.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game that Recipe is in
Shroom Shake + Spicy Soup Dyllis Breakfast Super Paper Mario
Dyllis Breakfast + Egg Bomb Dyllis Dynamite

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジェシーモーニング
Jeshī Mōningu
Dyllis Breakfast; モーニング (mōningu, lit. "morning") is short for モーニングセット (mōningu setto "breakfast set", lit. "morning set")

French P'tit dèj du chef
Chef's Breakfast; "p'tit dèj" is the contraction of "petit déjeuner" (breakfast)
German Dillias Frühstück
Dillia's Breakfast
Italian Colazione Cannella
Dyllis Breakfast
Korean 제시모닝
Jesi Moning
Dyllis Breakfast

Spanish Desayuno Delia
Dyllis Breakfast