Golden Leaf

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Golden Leaf
Golden Leaf. A Golden Leaf from Super Paper Mario.
The Thousand-Year Door description A weird leaf found in Creepy Steeple. Replenishes 10 FP.
Super Paper Mario description A precious leaf. Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
"Gold Leaf" redirects here. For information about the galaxy appearing in Super Mario Galaxy, see Gold Leaf Galaxy. For the power-up debuting in Super Mario 3D Land, see Invincibility Leaf.

The Golden Leaf is an item found in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door in Creepy Steeple. In the northern courtyard (where two Swoopers and a red ! Block are found), Mario can go through an opening in the fence if he turns sideways. Once in it, Mario can move to the right past the ! Block and hit the gold tree with his hammer. This item recovers 10 FP when Mario eats it. If the player take it to Zess T., she will make it into Zess Tea. It is also used in many combination recipes. This rare item is also required for completion of Chef Shimi's trouble, along with a Keel Mango and a Mystic Egg.

The Golden Leaf also appears in Super Paper Mario. This variant recovers 1 HP and can be obtained by defeating an Amazy Dayzee or using a map from Flamm. Flimm occasionally has a Golden Leaf for sale as well. Having Saffron cook a Golden Leaf for the player will yield a Gold Bar.


Recipe Result Game
Golden Leaf Zess Tea Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Golden Leaf + Turtley Leaf Healthy Salad
Golden Leaf + Mushroom Shroom Fry (International)
Life Shroom (Japan)
Golden Leaf + Super Shroom Shroom Roast (International)
Life Shroom (Japan)
Golden Leaf + Life Shroom Shroom Steak (International)
Life Shroom (Japan)
Golden Leaf + Ultra Shroom
Golden Leaf + Poison Shroom Shroom Broth
Golden Leaf + Slow Shroom
Golden Leaf + Ice Storm Snow Bunny
Golden Leaf + Whacka Bump Zess Deluxe
Golden Leaf Gold Bar Super Paper Mario
Golden Leaf + Mild Cocoa Bean Golden Choco-bar

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おうごんはっぱ[1]
Ōgon Happa
Golden Leaf
French Feuille d'Or Golden Leaf
German Goldblatt Golden leaf
Italian Foglia dorata Golden leaf
Spanish Hoja Dorada Golden Leaf


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