Cake Mix

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Cake Mix
PaperMario Items CakeMix.png Sprite of Cake Mix in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Cake Mix from Super Paper Mario.
Paper Mario description A mix used to bake tasty cakes. Restores 1 FP.
The Thousand-Year Door description An ingredient for making treats.
Super Paper Mario description A sweet mix that restores 5 HP and cures poison.

Cake Mix is an item found in the Paper Mario series. In Paper Mario, within the Shy Guy's Toy Box, an unlimited source of Cake Mix can be found being held by a few Shy Guys in the Shy Guy's Playground. Cake Mix can bought at the Pianta Parlor in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for six pianta tokens (or eighteen coins); in both games, consuming a Cake Mix restores 1 FP. In Super Paper Mario it can be purchased at the Itty Bits in Flipside for 25 coins or collected as an item drop from a Moon Cleft, Goomba, or Gloomba and heals 5 HP.

Mario can take it to Tayce T. in Paper Mario so she can cook it to make a Cake, which restores fifteen FP. If Mario takes Cake Mix to Zess T. in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door she will make Mousse Cake, which gives fifteen FP. When Cake Mix is cooked with other items, the resulting product usually has helpful attributes.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game that Recipe is in
Honey Syrup + Cake Mix Honey Candy Paper Mario & Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Fire Flower + Cake Mix Fire Pop
Mushroom + Cake Mix Shroom Cake
Volt Shroom + Cake Mix Electro Pop
Egg + Cake Mix Big Cookie Paper Mario
Goomnut + Cake Mix
Red Berry + Cake Mix
Blue Berry + Cake Mix
Yellow Berry + Cake Mix
Stinky Herb + Cake Mix Kooky Cookie
Koopa Leaf + Cake Mix
Maple Syrup + Cake Mix
Lemon + Cake Mix Lemon Candy
Lime + Cake Mix Lime Candy
Melon + Cake Mix Yoshi Cookie
Apple + Cake Mix Apple Pie
Iced Potato + Cake Mix Bland Meal
Coconut + Cake Mix Coco Pop
Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix Jelly Pop
Strange Leaf + Cake Mix Strange Cake
Cake Mix Cake
Life Shroom + Cake Mix Sweet Shroom
Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix
Inky Sauce + Cake Mix Choco Cake Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Cake Mix Mousse Cake
Coconut + Cake Mix Coco Candy
Hot Sauce + Cake Mix Fire Pop
Ruin Powder + Cake Mix Heartful Cake
Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix Jelly Candy
Dried Bouquet + Cake Mix Space Food
Maple Syrup + Cake Mix Zess Cookie
Gradual Syrup + Cake Mix
Mystic Egg + Cake Mix
Super Shroom + Cake Mix Shroom Cake
Life Shroom + Cake Mix
Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix Shroom Crepe
Peachy Peach + Cake Mix Peach Tart Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door & Super Paper Mario
Keel Mango + Cake Mix Mango Pudding
Cake Mix Sweet Cookie Snack Super Paper Mario
Shroom Shake + Cake Mix Mushroom Crepe
Super Shroom Shake + Cake Mix Shroom Cake
Mild Cocoa Bean + Cake Mix Chocolate Cake
Big Egg + Cake Mix Mousse
Honey Jar + Cake Mix
Lovely Chocolate + Cake Mix Heartful Cake
Horsetail + Cake Mix Horsetail Tart
Sap Soup + Cake Mix Sap Muffin
Fresh Veggie + Cake Mix Awesome Snack
Inky Sauce + Cake Mix
Turtley Leaf + Cake Mix Koopa Dumpling

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おかしのもと[1]
Okashi no Moto
Base of Sweets

Chinese 甜蛋糕粉
Tián Dàngāo Fěn
Sweet Cake Powder

French Poudragâto
Short for "poudre à gâteaux" (cake powder)
German Backmischung
Baking Mix
Italian Dolcina
Korean 과자믹스
Gwaja Migseu
Snack Mix

Spanish Preparado
Cake Mix


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