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Zess Deluxe
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The Thousand-Year Door description A tasty meal made by Zess T. Replenishes 40 HP and 40 FP.

A Zess Deluxe is a recipe from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It looks like an unidentifyable red dish with a big golden berry on top and many smaller green berries surrounding it. The dish rests on a white plate. It appears that Zess Deluxe is an equivalent to the Deluxe Feast recipe from the previous game, Paper Mario.

In order to make a Zess Deluxe, the player has to do one of the following: Get a Whacka Bump from Keelhaul Key and a Golden Leaf from a tree behind Creepy Steeple, make a Healthy Salad and Shroom Steak, or by buying an Ultra Shroom from the Deepdown Depot Shop in Rogueport Sewers and by buying Fresh Pasta at the stand in Poshley Heights. By handing two of the items listed to Zess T. the Toad chef and letting her cook both Items, the player can obtain a Zess Deluxe. Zess Deluxe is a recovery item and can be used both inside and outside of battles. When it is used, it restores forty of Mario's Heart Points and Flower Points.

A Zess Deluxe is similar in appearance to a Dyllis Deluxe in Super Paper Mario.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Golden Leaf + Whacka Bump Zess Deluxe
Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak
Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナンシーデラックス[1]
Nanshī Derakkusu
Nancy Deluxe
Spanish Nancy Deluxe literal translation
French Régal Marie-T literal translation
German Festschmaus feast
Italian Timballo timbale


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