Zess Deluxe

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Zess Deluxe
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The Thousand-Year Door description A tasty meal made by Zess T. Replenishes 40 HP and 40 FP.

A Zess Deluxe is a recipe from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. It looks like an unidentifiable red dish with a big golden berry on top and many smaller green berries surrounding it. The dish rests on a white plate. It appears that Zess Deluxe is an equivalent to the Deluxe Feast recipe from the previous game, Paper Mario.

Zess Deluxe is a recovery item and can be used both inside and outside of battles. When it is used, it restores forty of Mario's Heart Points and Flower Points.

A Zess Deluxe is similar in appearance to a Dyllis Deluxe in Super Paper Mario.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Golden Leaf + Whacka Bump Zess Deluxe
Healthy Salad + Shroom Steak
Ultra Shroom + Fresh Pasta

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナンシーデラックス[1]
Nanshī Derakkusu
Nancy Deluxe
Spanish Nancy Deluxe literal translation
French Régal Marie-T literal translation
German Festschmaus feast
Italian Timballo timbale


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