Dayzee Syrup

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Dayzee Syrup
Dayzee Syrup SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Pure Dayzee syrup! Doubles Attack and gradually fills HP.

Dayzee Syrup is a recipe made in Super Paper Mario. Saffron makes it out of a Dayzee Tear. It looks like any other syrup item, but it is colored blue. When used, the attack power of Mario and his friends are doubled for 40 seconds, and it gradually regenerates HP (13 HP total). It also gives the player 1000 points. It is one of the more useful items in the game, which is why Dayzee Tears are so difficult to find.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パンジーシロップ
Panjī Shiroppu
Dayzee Syrup
French Sirop Daisy Dayzee Syrup
German Suselsirup Susel (German name for Dayzee); syrup
Italian Sciroppo Gigliola Dayzee Syrup
Korean 제비꽃시럽
Jebikkoch Sileob
Dayzee Syrup
Spanish Sirope de Marga Dayzee Syrup