Power Steak

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Power Steak
Power Steak SPM.png
Super Paper Mario description Beefy meat that restores 15 HP and cures poison.

A Power Steak is an item found in the game Super Paper Mario. It is a type of steak that heals 15 HP and cures Poison. It can be found in Itty Bits of Flopside. It is sometimes dropped by enemies, such as by Squigs and their relatives.

Power Steaks are not to be confused with the big pieces of meat that Bowser eats in his side-scrolling levels of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item
Power Steak + Keel Mango Fruity Hamburger
Power Steak + Peachy Peach
Power Steak + Hamburger Gorgeous Steak
Power Steak + Bone-In Cut
Power Steak + Fresh Veggie Hot Dog
Power Steak + Fresh Pasta Bunch Meat Pasta Dish
Power Steak Hamburger

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パワフルミート
Pawafuru Mīto
Powerful Meat

French Méga steak
Mega Steak
German Fleisch
Italian Bisteccona
Big Steak
Korean 파워풀미트
Pawopul Miteu
Powerful Meat

Spanish Filete Energético
Energetic Steak