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Mario in front of Merlee's place in Flopside

Flopside is the mirrored counterpart to Flipside in the game Super Paper Mario. Both places' names come from the phrase "flip-flop". Flopside was created by both the Tribe of Ancients and the Tribe of Darkness as an antithesis to Flipside, in order to prevent that town from falling into ruin due to the fact that light cannot exist without darkness. The two towns offset each other, and have been in perfect balance since their creation.

The main features that distinguish Flopside from Flipside are its shadowy tones, a general dilapidated look such as broken windows and pillars, and a reversal of areas, buildings, and residents. Inanimate objects are mirror images of their Flipside counterparts, and the Flopside counterparts of Flipside residents have opposite personalities. For example, Pook of Flipside loves the sea, while his Flopside counterpart, Puck, prefers the sky. Also Howzit says "goooood" in Flipside and his Flopside counterpart Notso says "not so bad". Another example is the cook Dyllis, Saffron's counterpart, who mixes two items instead of simply cooking one. Generally, the ambience of Flopside is very dour and disconsolate. Flopside's music is almost the exact same as the Flipside music, lacking in a few notes and transposed down an octave.

Like Flipside, Flopside contains its own Pit of 100 Trials, the boss of which is Shadoo. It also houses half of the Heart Pillars, which are located in the same spot in relativity to Flipside. The Mirror Hall serves as a bridge between the two towns, and is supposedly a secret to all Flipside and Flopside residents aside from Merlon and his Flopside counterpart Nolrem. However, as the game progresses, the player encounters many characters that know about the other town, and two Flopside residents even move to Flipside.

Much later in the game during the final battle with Super Dimentio, Flopside is destroyed by The Void but is restored following the destruction of the Chaos Heart.


Flopside Tower[edit]

Third Floor (Second Floor in PAL edition)[edit]

Second Floor (First Floor in PAL edition)[edit]


  • Seventh Heart Pillar

First Floor (Ground Floor in PAL edition)[edit]

(After using Boomer to explode the wall)[edit]


  • Sixth Heart Pillar



  • Sixth Heart Pillar


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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ウラハザマタウン
Ura Hazama Taun
Inversed Flipside ("in-between town")
Spanish Villacruz Pun on cruz (tail) from cara o cruz (heads or tails)
French Verso Connotation to the verso side of a leaf of paper
German Flopstadt Floptown
Italian Svoltadiqua Turn this way
Korean 반대틈새타운
Opposite Flipside


  • On the Flopside ground floor, the elevators have a different animation than other elevators in Flipside and Flopside. While other elevators fill in with white and lose white from the bottom, the ones on the Flopside ground floor fill in with white and lose white from the sides.