Hot Fraun

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“This is cooking laboratory called Hot Fraun! Here vee grab flavor und vee SPANK it!”
Dyllis, Super Paper Mario
Hot Fraun with Dyllis as the owner

Hot Fraun is a restaurant found in Flopside in Super Paper Mario. It is run by Dyllis, and it is the Flopside version of Sweet Smiles, which is run by Saffron, a restaurant in Flipside. In Hot Fraun, Dyllis uses items to make dishes just like Saffron, but Dyllis only makes dishes that require two ingredients, unlike Saffron, who can only make recipes using one ingredient. The Hot Fraun also has a Dining Specializer.

Unlike Sweet Smiles, the player is not required to visit Hot Fraun in order to complete the game; however, the player can make multiple dishes with that can restore lots of HP if visited.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパイス
English word for "Spice"
French Kaiser Saucer
Italian Ghigno Malefico Evil Grin