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“This is cooking laboratory called Hot Fraun! Here vee grab flavor und vee SPANK it!”
Dyllis, Super Paper Mario
Hot Fraun.png

Hot Fraun is a restaurant found in Flopside in Super Paper Mario. It is run by Dyllis, and is located on the first floor of Flopside, to the left of the elevator leading to the B1 floor. It is the Flopside equivalent of Sweet Smiles, a restaurant in Flipside run by Saffron.

In Hot Fraun, the player can obtain Dyllis's dishes by providing Dyllis with ingredients. However, Dyllis only makes dishes that require two ingredients, unlike Saffron, who only makes dishes using one ingredient. Like Sweet Smiles, Hot Fraun also features a Dining Specializer to the right of Dyllis, where the player can view recipes and their ingredients. Unlike Sweet Smiles, the player is not required to visit Hot Fraun in order to complete the game; however, by visiting Hot Fraun, the player can make many dishes that cannot be obtained elsewhere (except the Choco-bars which can be purchased from the Twinkle Mart in the Outer Limits, Chapter 4-3).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スパイス

French Kaiser Saucé
Literally "Sauced Kaiser"; also a phonetical pun on Keyser Söze, the main antagonist from the film The Usual Suspects
German Hot Chicken
Italian Ghigno Malefico
Evil Grin
Korean 스파이스

Spanish La guindilla airada
The angry chilli