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This article is about the dimension in Super Paper Mario. For the beveragarium in Flopside, see The Overthere (bar).
The Overthere
SPM Overthere.png
World-Level 7-4
Game Super Paper Mario
Boss Bonechill
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The Overthere is a place visited in the latter half of Chapter 7 of Super Paper Mario. It is essentially the opposite of The Underwhere, and is the land where people who lived sinless lives spend their afterlife. It is ruled by Grambi. While the Underwhere is clearly based on the Greek underworld, the Overthere bears more resemblance to Heaven, rather than the Elysian Fields of Greek mythology: it is a land of clouds, and its residents are the angelic Nimbis, who speak in pseudo-Elizabethan English (reminiscent of the language found in the King James Bible). The only way to reach The Overthere is via the Overthere Stair, a series of clouds and Jump-Over Clouds leading up from Underwhere Road. According to The InterNed, the music in the Overthere and the Overthere Stair is simply titled "Overthere Stair". There is an Itty Bits shop in The Overthere, located near the Rainbow Bridge. Its most notable item in stock is the Hot Sauce, and it also sells Hot Dogs.

Chapter 7-4: A Bone-Chilling Tale[edit]

Storyline text

White clouds as far as the eye could see...

Mario and Co. had climbed through the clouds and finally reached The Overthere.

"Odd. No party springeth forth welcometh us," wondered Luvbi aloud.

"It mattereth not. Father's shrine is just ahead, so we can walk there with ease.

But they would not arrive at the shrine as easily as Luvbi predicted.

Why not? Because something unexpected and dramatic was about to happen...

At some point shortly before the heroes' arrival in the dimension, Bonechill, a self-proclaimed "master of the cold dark" and a fallen Nimbi (a reference to the story of Lucifer), and his army of Skellobits were released from their prison in The Underwhere. They escaped from the dark realm and laid siege on the Overthere in an attempt to capture the Pure Heart said to be held by Grambi. As Bonechill took over Grambi's abode, the Skellobits, reaching as far as the upper reaches of the Overthere Stair, attacked and imprisoned the Nimbis and destroyed the rainbow bridge leading to Grambi's sanctuary.

When Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and Luvbi arrive, they discover the invasion and find that several Nimbis on the path to Grambi's palace have been frozen. Upon freeing and speaking to Whibbi, the heroes are told that they need to find Rebbi, Blubbi, and Yebbi, the holders of three colored orbs (the Red Orb, the Blue Orb, and the Yellow Orb) needed to reconstruct the bridge leading to Grambi's palace. By scouring the sectors of the Overthere, the heroes are able to obtain the orbs and rebuild the bridge.

Once the bridge is reconstructed, the heroes and Luvbi encounter a Spiky Skellobit. In response to Luvbi asking whether Grambi is fine and threatening to hurt the Skellobit if he isn't, the Skellobit summons an army mostly made of Skellobombers to challenge them. However, it is then that Rebbi and an army of Nimbis show up to take care of the Skellobits. While the battle takes place, the heroes are able to access Grambi's palace.

Once inside, the heroes encounter Bonechill and learn that Luvbi is an embodiment of the Pure Heart, created to keep it out of the hands of beings like Bonechill. Shocked, Luvbi confronts Grambi but is then ordered by Tippi to get him to safety. Once this is done, the heroes combat and defeat Bonechill, after which Luvbi learns the truth about her identity from her parents. Following an emotional exchange between the three of them, Luvbi becomes resigned to her fate and assumes her Pure Heart form, asking Mario and co. to save all worlds as her dying wish.

Storyline text

"Heroes... My daughter wanted thee to save all worlds. 'Twas her final wish."

Grambi spoke slowly through his tears as the brave Nimbis cleaned up The Overthere.

Draped in sadness, Queen Jaydes walked slowly to her palace in The Underwhere.

Mario, his friends, and the eighth Pure Heart were all that remained...

This Pure Heart had come at a high price. Let us hope it was all worthwhile.


Menu description[edit]

  • "Grambi and the Nimbis live here, high in the sky. This sad place is where Luvbi became a Pure Heart again."


  • The Overthere is the only level in the main story in which all four heroes are available at any time.
  • Once the player revisits this area after defeating Bonechill, the enemies that appear in this chapter will not appear in this area again, with the exception of the Ghoul Shroom that appears in one of the blocks and the Gigabite that appears in the secret area.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカイランド
Sukai Rando
Sky Land
Spanish Masallá Beyond
French L'au-delà The Beyond
German Obendroben Overupthere
Italian Mondodisu Upworld
A Bone-Chilling Tale
Language Name Meaning
Japanese ラブエルとシニガミダスとピュアハート
Rabueru to Shinigamidasu to Pyua Hāto
Luvbi, Bonechill and the Pure Heart