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“That way, I figure my wisdom will get spread around the world like...a disease! Without you, there'd be no world to...well, infect. With my wisdom. So thanks!”
Chaz, Super Paper Mario

Chaz lives in Yold Town in the game Super Paper Mario. He is a very self-assured young man, and a friend of Red. They both play cards together, with the game usually ending in Chaz's favor. Tippi says that, because he is so tired of winning, he might even want to lose on purpose once in a while. Throughout the game, Chaz's main purpose is to inform the Heroes of Light about their abilities and how they can use them. He is later seen trying to get his quirky philosophies into Tubebottom's Tome of Quotations.

Tattle information[edit]

That's Chaz. He's a very self-assured young man... He's a friend of Red's, and they often play cards together... Chaz always wins... He might want to lose on purpose once in a while...

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アザル
Azal, pun on「スペール」(Supēru, Shaman)
French Pinsmi
German Teo
Italian Rocco Common name
Spanish Raúl