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SPM Saffron.png
Species Flipsider
First appearance Super Paper Mario (2007)
“Choppy bubbly YUMMMM!! Put it in your TUMMMMM! One more second and then...”
Saffron, Super Paper Mario

Saffron is a character in Super Paper Mario. She is a chef who runs Sweet Smiles, a restaurant located on the first floor of Flipside. She can cook Mario and the other heroes various recipes if they bring her items. Her name comes from a spice of the same name that is grown mostly in southern Asia and is primarily used as an ingredient in various dishes. Its taste is recognized as "metallic honey" by some, which may parallel Saffron's sweet personality. Saffron's benevolence may also reflect that of Tayce T., the cook in the original Paper Mario.

Saffron, like all other Flipside residents, has a doppelgänger who lives in Flopside; her name is Dyllis. Some differences between the two is that Saffron will only cook recipes that require one ingredient, while Dyllis cooks recipes that require two, and that Dyllis has a more German accent. During the game, Saffron comes to Mario's aid by cooking him a Spicy Soup in order to revive Princess Peach after she unexpectedly falls into Flipside.

According to Carson, Merlon was once in love with Saffron. She told him she would go out with him if he could finish a Saffron Special Galactic Meal. Merlon had finished all but a pit of parsley when he heard that an injured girl had appeared in Flipside and rushed to her aid, forfeiting the challenge.


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Dish Sprite Ingredient Function
Block Meal Block Meal Block Block Temporarily makes the hero invincible.
Dangerous Delight Dangerous Delight SPM.png Poison Shroom / Ghost Shroom Temporarily makes the hero slow, game controls reversed, unable to use special skills, and unable to jump high.
Dayzee Syrup Dayzee Syrup SPM.png Dayzee Tear Temporarily doubles attack and gradually restores 1 HP at a time.
Electro Pop Electro Pop SPM.png Thunder Rage Allows the hero to paralyze enemies.
Fried Egg Fried Egg SPM.png Big Egg Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
Fried Shroom Plate Fried Shroom Plate SPM.png Shroom Shake / Volt Shroom / Long-Last Shake Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
Golden Meal Golden Meal SPM.png Gold Bar Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
Hamburger Hamburger SPM.png Power Steak Restores 20 HP and cures poison.
Healthy Salad Healthy Salad SPM.png Fresh Veggie Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
Herb Tea Herb Tea SPM.png Smelly Herb Restores 7 HP and cures poison.
Honey Candy Honey Candy from Super Paper Mario. Honey Jar Restores 12 HP and cures poison.
Inky Soup Inky Soup SPM.png Inky Sauce Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
Koopa Tea Koopa Tea as seen in The Thousand-Year Door & Super Paper Mario. Turtley Leaf Temporarily halves damage taken from enemies.
Mango Juice Mango Juice SPM.png Keel Mango Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
Megaton Dinner Megaton Dinner SPM.png POW Block Shakes the ground and destroys on-screen ground enemies.
Meteor Meal Meteor Meal SPM.png Shooting Star Destroys on-screen enemies with shooting stars.
Miracle Dinner Miracle Dinner SPM.png Mystery Box (8% chance it will work) Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
Mistake (1) Mistake SPM.png (Wrong ingredient) Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
Mistake (2) Mistake alt SPM.png Sleepy Sheep Puts on-screen enemies to sleep.
Peach Juice Peach Juice SPM.png Peachy Peach Restores 12 HP and cures poison.
Roast Horsetail Roast Horsetail SPM.png Horsetail Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
Roast Shroom Dish Roast Shroom Dish SPM.png Super Shroom Shake / Life Shroom Restores 30 HP and cures poison.
Roast Whacka Bump Roast Whacka Bump SPM.png Whacka Bump Restores 5 HP and cures poison.
Sap Syrup Sap Syrup SPM.png Sap Soup Temporarily halves damage taken from enemies and gradually restores 1 HP at a time.
Shroom Steak Shroom Steak SPM.png Ultra Shroom Shake Restores 70 HP and cures poison.
Sky Juice Super Paper Mario Blue/Red/Pink/Yellow Apple Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
Slimy Extract Slimy Extract SPM.png Slimy Shroom Cures curses and poison.
Snow Cone Snow Cone SPM.png Ice Storm Freezes on-screen enemies.
Spaghetti Plate Spaghetti Plate SPM.png Fresh Pasta Bunch Restores 15 HP and cures poison.
Spicy Soup Spicy Soup SPM.png Fire Burst Restores 8 HP and cures poison. (Required for Princess Peach)
Spit Roast ("Roast Meat" in PAL versions) Spit Roast SPM.png Bone-In Cut Temporarily doubles attack.
Sweet Cookie Snack Sweet Cookie Snack SPM.png Cake Mix Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
Town Special Town Special SPM.png Primordial Fruit Restores 5 HP and cures poison.
Warm Cocoa Warm Cocoa SPM.png Mild Cocoa Bean Restores 10 HP and cures poison.


  • "Hello there, sugar!"
  • "Welcome to Sweet Smiles! Our dishes will turn that little frown right upside down!"
  • "Ooh, now let's get cooking!"
  • "Mmm hmm! One delicious dish, coming right up, sugar!"
  • "Done! Enjoy the yum, sugar!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドロシー
French Safron From Safran (saffron)
German Safrania From German Safran (saffron)
Italian Cipollina Small Onion, but also an Italian generic nickname for little girls
Korean 도로시
Spanish Azafrán Saffron