Big Egg

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Not to be confused with Giant Egg.
Big Egg
Big Egg
Super Paper Mario description A big, yolky egg that restores 12 HP and cures poison.

The Big Egg is an egg found in Super Paper Mario. When used, it restores twelve HP and cures Poison. It can be bought in Itty Bits in Flipside for 25 coins. It can occasionally be obtained after defeating an enemy such as Buzzy Beetles, Skellobits, Spiky Skellobits, Coptas, Goombas and Jelliens.


Recipe Result of Cooked Item Game that Recipe is in
Big Egg Fried Egg Super Paper Mario
Big Egg + Fire Burst Egg Bomb
Big Egg + Ice Storm Space Food
Big Egg + Cake Mix Mousse
Big Egg + Healthy Salad Veggie Set
Big Egg + Shroom Shake Shroom Pudding
Big Egg + Keel Mango Mango Pudding
Big Egg + Lovely Chocolate Love Pudding
Big Egg + Hot Sauce Spicy Dinner
Big Egg + Horsetail Omelette Plate

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグタマゴ
Biggu Tamago
Big Egg
French Grozœuf Pun on "Gros œuf", big egg
German Großes Ei Big Egg
Italian Uovo grande Big Egg
Korean 거대달걀
Geodae Dalgyal
Big Egg
Spanish Huevo grande Big Egg