Shooting Star (item)

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Shooting Star
PaperMario Items ShootingStar.png Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star SPM.png
The Thousand-Year Door description Drops shooting stars on all enemies and confuses them.

A Shooting Star is an item found in the Paper Mario series.

It first appears in Paper Mario, where it is very valuable and somewhat rare. It deals six damage to all opponents in the form of showering them with shooting stars; the only enemy who is immune to this item is Monstar. One can be obtained by talking to a Hammer Bro during the Chapter 6 Intermission at the leftmost point of the library while Princess Peach is disguised using the Sneaky Parasol, which she can put in the mysterious treasure chest for Mario to collect later.

This item reappears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. The item's description claims that the Shooting Star has a chance of causing Confusion, but this is false. This item can also be cooked by mixing a Thunder Rage with a Point Swap. It can be cooked with a Shroom Fry to produce a Meteor Meal.

When used in Super Paper Mario, players have to aim the remote at the screen and fire at all the stars that appear. The attack grows in strength in proportion to the amount of stars hit. A single Shooting Star can be cooked to make a Meteor Meal, which has the same effect but automatically does the maximum amount of damage without an action command, making it a straight upgrade. One can be found in Outer Limits inside a brick block, another can be found in The Overthere in Sector 5, and enemies such as Fotons and Hogarithms drop them on occasion. It can also be purchased from Flimm.


Name of Recipe Ingredient(s) Effect(s) Game
Meteor Meal TTYD.png Meteor Meal Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star Damages enemies on screen. Super Paper Mario
Shroom Fry TTYD.png Shroom Fry + Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star
Shroom Roast TTYD.png Shroom Roast + Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star
Shroom Steak TTYD.png Shroom Steak + Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star
Replenishes 7 HP and gradually regenerates HP for 2 turns. Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star Point Swap TTYD.png Point Swap + Thunder Rage TTYD.png Thunder Rage In battle causes 6 damage to all enemies.
Thunder Rage TTYD.png Thunder Rage1 Point Swap TTYD.png Point Swap + Shooting Star TTYD.png Shooting Star Inflicts damage on all enemies and reduces Attack power.

1 - only have a 50% chance of being successfully cooked (failure will result in a Peachy Peach or a Dizzy Dial being given instead)

Paper Mario locations[edit]

The hidden block way to the Shooting Star in Shy Guy's Toy Box
The hidden block containing the Shooting Star in Flower Fields

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door locations[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キラキラおとし[2]
Kirakira Otoshi
Kirakira means "twinkle" or "glitter"; otoshi means "drop".
Spanish Estrella Fugaz -
French Étoile Filante -
German Sternenwind Star Wind
Italian Stella Cadente -
Chinese 流星
Shooting Star


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