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Mario reading a wish at Star Hill in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Mario reads a wish of Mallow's on a Wish Star at Star Hill.

Wish Stars[1] are bright six-pointed yellow-green stars that appear in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. These stars appear at Star Hill, as they are the physical embodiment of wishes that have been granted at the Star Road. When a wish is made in the world, the wish is transformed into a Wish Star at the Star Road. When granted, the Wish Star falls to Star Hill down below.

During the Smithy Gang invasion of Mario's world, the Star Road is shattered by Exor, splitting it into seven Star Pieces. This act of destruction prevents wishes from being granted. Wishes still take the form of Wish Stars at Star Road, but they fall to Star Hill without being granted. The various Wish Stars that dot the Star Hill landscape represent these unfulfilled wishes, which can be read by travelers to the area. The wishes of King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus, and optionally Frog Sage, are later fulfilled by Mario, and their Wish Stars contain a new wish after being fulfilled.

Reading Mallow's wish causes him to scold Mario for spying on others' wishes and urge him to continue finding the Star Pieces. He immediately apologizes for his outburst. When the wish of King and Queen Nimbus's is read, Mallow immediately recognizes it is from them and begins to cry. He then urges Mario to hurry along with their journey.

List of wishes[edit]

  • "Wish I had some Cricket Jam." – Frog Sage
    • "I wish for everyone to be happy." – Frog Sage (after he is given Cricket Jam)
  • "Can't wait to start a family." – Raz
  • "I hope my baby's cute!" – Raini
  • "I wish I weren't such a crybaby." – Mallow
  • "If I could JUST get that melody!" – Toadofsky
  • "The hunger! Oh, for some food!" – Belome
  • "I vant to be a vald class baker." – Chef Torte
  • "I wanna be the best treasure hunter in the world." – Treasure-hunting Toad
  • "Please let Mallow find his way home." – King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus
    • "May Mallow fix the Road!" – King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus (after Valentina is defeated)
  • "I hope I become famous." – Punchinello
  • "(Wish I could run faster.)" – Yoshi
  • "I wanna be a great plumber like my brother Mario." – Luigi
    • "I wanna help out my older brother, Mario." – Luigi (in the remake)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Desiderio Wish


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