Wish Star

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Mario reads a wish of Mallow on a Wish Star at Star Hill

A Wish Star[1] is a six-pointed, bright yellow-green star that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. These stars appear at Star Hill, as they are the physical embodiment of wishes that have been granted at the Star Road. When a wish is made in the world, the wish is transformed into a Wish Star at the Star Road. When granted, the Wish Star falls to Star Hill down below.

During the Smithy Gang invasion of Mario's world, the Star Road was shattered by the giant sword Exor, splitting seven Star Pieces from the Road. This act of destruction prevented wishes from being granted. However, wishes were still taking the form of Wish Stars at Star Road, but would fall to Star Hill without being granted. The various Wish Stars that dotted the Star Hill landscape represented these unfulfilled wishes, which could be read by travelers to the area. The wishes of Frogfucius and King Nimbus were later fulfilled by Mario, and their Wish Stars contained a new wish after being fulfilled.


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