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Artwork of Klevar from Mario Party 5.
Artwork of Klevar from Mario Party 5
Species Star
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Mario Party: The Top 100 (cameo) (2017)
“I feel that if you hadn't come, Flower Fields would never have seen the light again.”
Klevar, Paper Mario
Klevar PM.png

Klevar is one of the seven Star Spirits in Paper Mario. He is the Star Spirit that Huff N. Puff guards in Chapter 6: Dark Days in Flower Fields. He is a smart, young star that is constantly reading books, and is always seen carrying one in hand. His name is in reference to the word "clever".

When Mario frees Klevar from Huff N. Puff, he thanks him and gives him the Time Out move. The Time Out move acts similarly to the Stop Watch, immobilizing groups of enemies for several turns, and costs two Star Power. He later appears along with the rest of the Star Spirits in Star Haven when they give Mario the Star Beam.

In Mario Party 5, Klevar explains the game's various modes. He also appears in several boards when the player lands on a Happening Space, inviting them to try a board event. He makes a cameo appearance in Mario Party: The Top 100 as a collectible item.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese テール
Possibly from "intelligent"

Chinese 智慧星[1]
Zhìhuì Xīng
Wisdom Star

French Hétoile
From habile ("wise") and étoile ("star")
German Klevastar
From the English name and "star"
Italian Astrotutto
Portmanteau of astro ("star") and possibly sa tutto ("know-it-all")
Spanish Listella
From lista ("clever") and estrella ("star")