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The Super 'Shroom Orb is an orb in Mario Party 5, Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7. It has a yellow Super Mushroom in it. The item first appeared in Mario Party 5 as the Super Mushroom Capsule and it can be thrown on a space on the board, or used on the Player at the cost of ten coins. In both Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, the orb can only be used on the player and cannot be thrown on a space. The Orb costs twenty coins in the various Orb Shops, but can also cost fifteen if the player is in 3rd or ten if the player is in 4th place. Like its many previous appearances, it gives the user two additional Dice Blocks, allowing the player to move up to thirty spaces; in the eight player mode of Mario Party 7, it lets the team roll six Dice Blocks to move up to 30 spaces. If the player scores three identical numbers, they get a bonus 30 coins. If they roll three "7's", they get 50 coins. In Mario Party 7's eight-player mode, if the players roll six of the same number, the team wins 300 coins. In Mario Party 8, the orb is replaced by the Thrice Candy, which has an identical function.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーキノコカプセル
Sūpā kinoko kapuseru
Super Mushroom Capsule

German Superpilz-Kapsel
Super Mushroom Capsule
Spanish Cápsula Champiñón dorado
Golden Mushroom Capsule