Special Power-up Kinoko

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Special Power-up Kinoko
Special Power-up Kinoko
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 8 (1993)
Effect Turns into Miracle Mario

The Special Power-up Kinoko (スペシャルパワーアップキノコ, Supesharu Pawāappu Kinoko, Special Super Mushroom) is a normal-looking Super Mushroom with an angry expression that only appears in Super Mario-kun volume 8.

After the Koopa Troop saves Mario and his friend from the moulded Wart's glue trap, Wart laughs that they will never beat him. As a result, Mario pulls out a Special Power-up Kinoko, a special mushroom to use in such desperate situations. Wart zaps him before he can use it, hitting a Galoomba, a Koopa Paratroopa, a Thwomp, and a Bullet Bill in the process. This activates the mushroom, which fuses Mario with the Koopa Troop, turning him into Miracle Mario.