Miracle Mario

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Miracle Mario
Miracle Mario
Applies to Mario
Item needed Special Power-up Kinoko
Power(s) given Fusing with nearby enemies
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 8 (1993)

Miracle Mario is an original transformation that only appears in Super Mario-kun volume 8.

While the molded Wart declares to be unbeatable, Mario pulls out the Special Power-up Kinoko, a mushroom to use in desperate situations. Before he can use it, Wart zaps Mario, hitting a Galoomba, a Koopa Paratroopa, a Thwomp, and a Bullet Bill in the process. This, however, activates the mushroom, fusing Mario with the aforementioned Koopa Troop members. The Galoomba fuses with Mario's cap, the Paratroopa's wings and shell with his body, the Thwomps with his torso, and two Bullet Bills with his shoes.

Mario charges at Wart, but misses him, then shoots two Bullet Bills and a Banzai Bill at him, grabs several Bob-ombs and, with the help of a Boo, avoids the damage from the explosion while Wart does not. Mario then flies above him and squashes him with a Thwomp fall. With Wart's death, Miracle Mario's abilities wear off and Mario de-fuses from the Koopa Troop members.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミラクルマリオ
Mirakuru Mario
Miracle Mario