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Artwork of Mario capturing a Goomba.

Capture is a unique ability Mario gains in the upcoming title Super Mario Odyssey. His newfound hat friend, Cappy, grants him this power[1] somewhere in the Cap Kingdom,[2] where he is presumably found. When Cappy is thrown at an enemy, creature, or object, such as a Goomba, Mario is able to take control of said enemy, creature, or object. This allows Mario to use new abilities, many of which he has never previously had, and collect Power Moons which would normally be out of his reach. When capturing something, that thing will gain Mario's hat and mustache, as well as his blue irises (if it has eyes). Mario can also "de-capture" his host at will, stunning them for a while. However, if an enemy or other being wears a hat or something similar on its head, Mario can only capture it after knocking the hat by jumping onto it or throwing Cappy.

Capturable enemies, creatures, and objects[edit]

A captured T-Rex.

The following is a list of everything Mario can capture (and their known abilities), as has been evidenced so far:

  • T-Rex: Capturing this dinosaur while it is asleep will allow Mario to run and smash through large, normally unbreakable blocks.[3]
  • Frog: The frog is the first thing Mario captures in-game, and is accompanied by a special cutscene. The frog is necessary to reaching very tall platforms. The frog can do extremely high hops, and is also a good swimmer. Micro Goombas still target Mario after he captures a frog.[4] In addition, by jumping on frogs, Mario can get coins - reminiscent of a Coin Coffer.[5]
  • Uproot: Once one is captured, Mario can stretch the Uproot's long, thorny legs to reach areas normally too high for him and then retract his legs quickly to spring back down.[6] The Uproot's head can also be used to smash through large Rock Blocks. However, Uproots in their normal state wear flowerpots on their head, so before Mario can capture them to do any of the above actions, he must knock the flowerpot off their head using Cappy.[7]
  • Goomba: As a Goomba, Mario will be able to run around and jump on top of other Goombas to form Goomba Towers.[8] It is worth noting that if Mario the Goomba jumps on top of another Goomba who is wearing a hat, that Goomba's hat will simply pop off.[3] Goombas also grant Mario better traction on ice.
  • Hammer Bro: Nothing is definitively known, as no gameplay at all has been shown of Mario capturing a Hammer Bro, although official artwork shows that Mario can do so in the game.
  • Frying pan-throwing Hammer Bro: As this new variation of the Hammer Bro, Mario will be able to throw frying pans at other enemies by pressing Y Button, and can do so faster and farther by shaking the Joy-Cons. These will break upon impact with the ground or with another Bro's pans. These enemies' frying pans are needed for breaking the Cheese Rocks scattered around the Luncheon Kingdom.[9]
  • Fire Bro: As a Fire Bro, Mario is able to throw fireballs to light torches and campfires, like Fire Mario. However, much like the Fire Bros. in this game, he can only move by hopping, similar to Frog Mario.[10] Mario must knock off their helmets before he can capture them, revealing their fiery red sprigs of hair.
  • Bullet Bill: As a Bullet Bill, Mario will be able to fly around freely, but only on one plane, and must hurry, as the Bullet Bill will eventually explode (on its own, or if it runs into an obstacle). The player can also press the Y Button button to accelerate.[11] Some Bullet Bills wear hats (e.g. visors in the Metro Kingdom[12]), and they must be knocked off before the Bullet Bills can be captured.
  • Fishin' Lakitu: Nothing is definitively known, except that a Fishin' Lakitu can be captured in the oasis of the Sand Kingdom and that Mario can use him to fly around above the pool.[3]
  • Rocket: After capturing a Rocket, the player can press and hold B to launch Mario into the sky (similar to how Rocket Barrels are launched in the Donkey Kong Country series).[13] Rockets serve as transports to secret areas and back, such as in the Metro Kingdom.
  • Lava Bubble: As a Lava Bubble, Mario can jump and swim through the pink goop found in the Luncheon Kingdom, and uses this ability to jump through hard-to-reach Coin Rings.[14] The captured Lava Bubble can also launch himself from some sort of cannon, as evidenced in the E3 trailer.[15] Lava Bubbles must always swim in lava (or another steaming hot liquid, e.g. soup), or they will disappear and leave Mario in his natural plumber state. In this way, Magmatos can be useful to Mario the Lava Bubble, as startling them causes them to burst into a puddle of hot salsa, and more ground for Lava Bubble Mario to cover.[16] Mario as a Lava Bubble is his primary method of attack against Cookatiel.[17]
  • Binoculars: When Mario uses Cappy to capture binoculars, they will automatically blast off, shooting into the sky, tethered to their base only by a thin cord. Mario will be able to use this high vantage point to look around and zoom in on points of interest.[18]
  • Electricity: Mario can throw Cappy at power lines to become electricity and zip through and across the wires, allowing for smooth and speedy transport. Mario can "de-capture" the wire at any point along the line, but can only capture the wire at special bases with lit-up lightbulbs. Once moving along the wire as electricity, Mario can only stop or change direction at these points. Otherwise, he will continue moving in the direction he faces.[19] These wires are thus similar to Clear Pipes, except for the aforementioned stopping at "bases".
  • Cheep Cheep: Captured Cheep Cheeps will allow Mario to swim underwater faster and more smoothly. They can also jump out of the water and hop about on land.[3] In addition, being a fish, Mario the Cheep Cheep will not have to come up for air.[20]. However, if a Cheep Cheep is "de-captured" while on land, it will simply disappear.
  • A purple octopus-like enemy inside a large bubble: Almost nothing is definitively known, except that capturing this enemy will allow Mario to create a spout of water and propel himself upwards via the bubble.[3] This enemy is also Mario's primary method of attack against the octopus boss in the Seaside Kingdom.[21]
  • New Donker: Mario can capture at least one resident of New Donk City, but only because he does not wear a hat. By taking control of this New Donker, Mario can pilot his remote control car to collect a Power Moon.[22]
  • Taxi: Nothing is definitively known, but it is possible for Mario to capture some taxi or taxis in the Metro Kingdom, which will allow him to drive around its many streets.
  • Safety Bar: In the Metro Kingdom, Mario can capture Safety Bars (some vertical on the ground and some horizontal on walls), to flick himself a far distance, enabling him to run very fast for a few seconds upon landing. Flicking himself as a safety pole will cause Mario to involuntarily "de-capture" the pole.
  • Volbonan: In the Luncheon Kingdom, Mario can capture at least six of its fork residents (who are stuck into walls) and use them to flick himself up to new heights, behaving exactly like a captured Safety Bar in the Metro Kingdom.[23][3]
  • Manhole Cover: In the Metro Kingdom, Mario can capture a manhole cover on Dixie Street (near Banana Bagels). This grants him the power to slide along the ground, out of the way of the manhole, opening the way for Mario to jump down and access a secret area to find a Power Moon.
  • Tree: In the Deep Woods of the Wooded Kingdom, Mario can capture a small tree. As Mario the tree, he is able to make short hops and move out of the way of a hidden Power Moon, buried underneath the ground.[24]
  • Cactus: In the Sand Kingdom, Mario can capture a cactus near the entry to the Jaxi maze. As a cactus, he moves similar to a tree. When moving to the side, a hidden Power Moon buried in the ground will appear.[25]
  • Chain Chomp: Not much is known, but as shown on Nintendo's Twitter account, while controlling a Chain Chomp, Mario is able to forcefully lunge forward in one direction, and "de-capture" the Chain Chomp at the right time to fling it into a wall, breaking it and unlocking secrets.[26] However, Mario is not invulnerable in this state. If an enemy Chain Chomp knocks into Mario as a Chain Chomp, Mario will pop out of the Chain Chomp, leaving it dazed and Mario vulnerable.[27]
  • Big Chain Chomp: The Big Chain Chomp will behave identically to its smaller counterpart, except with a longer chain to move with and a stronger attack.
  • Chain Chompikins[28]: This golden Chain Chomp is the pet of Madame Brood. After knocking off Chain Chompikins's large pink sunhat, Mario can capture it and snap back at Madame Brood's face to inflict damage upon her.
  • The fist of an Olmec head boss found in the Sand Kingdom: During the boss fight with this stone foe in the Deep Underground of the Sand Kingdom, Mario can throw Cappy at the pink jewels on the back of his hand to capture them. Once he has done so, the head will cower in fear, enabling Mario to rocket the boss's fist into its own face.[29]
  • Moe-Eye: As a Moe-Eye, Mario can walk around with his shades either on or off. Putting the shades on allows Mario to see invisible platforms and Hidden Blocks, but forces Mario to waddle around slowly. Taking the shades off will let Mario the Moe-Eye run around quickly, but will not allow him to see invisible things. Moe-Eyes cannot jump, meaning Mario is forced to take lifts to ascend to higher platforms.[30]
  • Sherm: Mario can capture the tanks called Sherms when they are not wearing hats. Doing so will enable Mario to shoot confetti bullets at other enemies. The player's screen will transform into a gyroscopic aiming reticle so Mario's shots can be more precise. Mario's attacks as a Sherm will be his primary form of attack against the boss Mecha Wiggler.[31]
  • Poison Piranha Plant: Mario can also capture Poison Piranha Plants, but there is a catch. Normally, if Mario throws Cappy at one of these, the Poison Piranha Plant will eat it. However, if the Poison Piranha Plant is stuck munching on a rock, its mouth will be occupied, allowing Mario to capture it. Once he has done so, Mario can spit out said rock or poison at opposing enemies at will.
  • Glydon: This spectacle-wearing, flying lizard character is friendly, and will sporadically appear in some of the locations Mario explores. By capturing this being, Mario will be able to waddle along the ground and glide through the air.[3] Touching water, however, will make the Glydon disappear.[32]
  • A colorful, accordion-like caterpillar enemy: Almost nothing is definitively known, but by capturing this enemy, Mario will be able to extend himself to a certain length in any direction; however, the front or back segments of his body must always be resting on solid ground, for as soon as Mario reaches his full length, his body will contract, and if he is not standing somewhere firm, he will fall.[3]
  • Paragoomba: Almost nothing is definitively known, except for the fact that as a Paragoomba, Mario will be able to use his newfound wings to fly above gaps or pitfalls.[3]
  • Ty-Foo: Almost nothing is definitely known, except for the fact that as a Ty-Foo, Mario will be able to blow away enemies.[33]
  • Banzai Bill: Almost nothing is definitely known, except for the fact that as a Banzai Bill, Mario will be invincible from explosions from other Bullet Bills.
  • The large, red letter M from the word "MARIO": By capturing the first letter of his name, Mario will be able to waddle around, presumably to use the letters to spell out his name and unlock a secret.[3]
  • A large, round, snowball-like seal creature: Almost nothing is definitively known, but as this spherical creautre, Mario will be able to roll down hills in a Snow Kingdom race, and collide with the other competitors to bounce them around wildly.[3]
  • A giant slab of meat on the Meat Plateau of the Luncheon Kingdom: Once Mario ascends the peak and captures this large, polygonal piece of carrion, Mario will be able to "twitch" to shake off some salt. The meat will be used as a means of transport, as Cookatiel will eventually pick it up with its talons and drop it into the giant soup pot, where Mario can collect a Multi Moon, as an ingredient. This area is inaccessible by any other means.[34]



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