Big Mushroom

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Not to be confused with Mega Mushroom.
Big Mushroom
A big Super Mushroom.

First appearance

Super Mario Maker (2015)

Effect on player

Transforms Mario into Big Mario (Super Mario Bros. style only); Adds 1000 points to the player's score (All other styles).

The Big Mushroom is a power-up that appears in Super Mario Maker, only usable in a stage by scanning one of the Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary series amiibo on the Wii U GamePad. The item itself is a larger Super Mushroom. If Mario touches one, he will transform into Big Mario, a larger version of Mario that functions like Super Mario but can break through most blocks (with the exception of Note Blocks) similar to Mega Mario. Depending on whichever Mario amiibo the player scanned to produce the Big Mushroom (classic or modern), Big Mario's clothes will maintain his original Super Mario Bros. style, or change to resemble his modern appearance. Although the Big Mushroom can appear in all game styles, the power-up's effects can only be used in courses that are using the Super Mario Bros. game style. In all the other game styles, the Big Mushroom only gives the player 1000 points.

The Big Mushroom can't be overridden by Super Mushrooms or Weird Mushrooms, but it can be overridden by the Fire Flower or Mystery Mushroom.

Collecting a Big Mushroom also affects enemies and other elements; most enemies are given at least one of Mario's features, such as a hat, mustache, or nose, Lakitus, Bullet Bills, cannonballs shot from black cannons, and the Chain Chomps' stakes are turned into Luigis, Luigis can also be seen riding on both Dry Bones and Bowser Jr., cannonballs shot from red cannons turn into Toads, the Magikoopa's robes turn green, Goomba's Shoes are turned into Brick Blocks and Stilettos into Pipes, Piranha Plants turn red like they are in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Bowser has Magikoopa in Princess Peach disguise riding on his back, the Fire Koopa Clown Car has a Princess Peach design on it, and the entire screen has been visually "downgraded" to resemble how the game would look on a CRT television.

Differences between the amiibo[edit]

amiibo Mushroom Mario Transformation
8-Bit Classic Mario.png

30th Anniversary Mario - Classic Color

Big Mushroom (Classic)

Big Mario (Classic)
8-Bit Modern Mario.png

30th Anniversary Mario - Modern Color

Big Mushroom (Modern)

Big Mario (Modern)