Double 1-Up Mushroom

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Not to be confused with 2 UP.

A Double 1-Up Mushroom is a 1-Up Mushroom derivative item in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Double 1-Up Mushrooms have a low chance of being dropped by Paper Bob-ombs, Paper Scaredy Rats, and Paper Fuzzies, but they are one of two possible items that are guaranteed to drop from the rare, shiny variants of these enemies in certain locations. They can also be rarely dropped from Hammer Bros in Sunbeam Plains or shiny Paper Koopa Troopas during the battle against Shiny RoboBowser. When a Double 1-Up Mushroom is used, it revives two fallen party members, but each will be revived with less HP than with a regular 1-Up Mushroom.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ダブル1UPキノコ
Daburu 1UP Kinoko
Double 1-Up Mushroom

Chinese (simplified) 双重 1UP 蘑菇
Shuāngchóng 1-Up mógū
Double 1-Up Mushroom

Chinese (traditional) 雙重 1UP 蘑菇
Shuāngchóng 1-Up mógū
Double 1-Up Mushroom

Russian Двойной гриб жизни
Dvoynoy grib zhizni
Double Life Mushroom