Triple 'Shroom Orb

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Triple 'Shroom Orb
Triple 'Shroom Orb

The Triple 'Shroom Orb is an orb in Mario Party 7 that can be used only by Toad and Toadette. It allows them to roll twice like a normal Mushroom Orb, except the effect lingers for three turns in a row. While it is the only orb that lasts for three turns, any other Self Orb or Special Orb cannot be willingly used by the player until the effect subsides; however, orbs that activate without player input, such as the Snack Orb, will still work.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリプルキノコカプセル
Toripuru kinoko kapuseru
Triple Mushroom Capsule
Spanish Cápsula tripleñón Tripleñón, from triple and champiñón (mushroom), Capsule