Mic Space

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Mic Space
Mic Space from Mario Party 7
Purpose Triggers a one-player Mic minigame
First appearance Mario Party 7 (2005)
The Mic Space when the Mic is turned off in Mario Party 7.
The Mic Space when the Mic is turned off

Mic Spaces are spaces that appear in Mario Party 7. When the player lands on one, Toadsworth appears and starts a minigame involving the Mic called a Bonus Mic game (also called Fruit Punch in the January 2006 issue of Nintendo Power). If the player has the Mic turned off, they are not able to play. The minigame shares its musical theme ("Without a Care") with Deck Hands.

The player must bet any number of coins they currently have, up to 99 coins. The player is shown three to five cards for a few seconds, each one with a fruit on it: apple, grapes, bananas, orange, and strawberry. The cards are then turned over, and Toadsworth randomly picks a card and asks the player to say what piece of fruit is on it. If the player guesses all the cards correctly, they win and are awarded twice the number of coins they wagered; if they guess wrong once or time out, they lose the minigame and their wager.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マイクマス
Maiku Masu
Mic Space

Italian Spazio Microfono
Microphone Space