Bowser's Lair Hockey

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Bowser's Lair Hockey
Title screen
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Adobe Flash
Release date 2005[citation needed]
Genre Sports
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Format HTML
Input Mouse
“May niceness triumph!”
Message on the title screen
Icon of Bowser's Lair Hockey

Mario Party 7 -- Bowser's Lair Hockey was an online Flash game published by Nintendo to promote the release of Mario Party 7 on the Nintendo GameCube. It could be played at the Nintendo Arcade, a section on that contained promotional web games.[1]

Even though a mugshot of Mario was used as the game's icon on Nintendo Arcade, he makes no appearance in the game.



The game consists of a one minute single-set match of air hockey between Bowser (labelled as "MEAN", controlled by the CPU) and Toad (labelled as "NICE", controlled by the player using the mouse). As in a game of ice hockey, the aim is to score goals by returning the puck in the opponent's net. Each character takes control of a red paddle, which is used to strike the puck and whose movement is restricted to that character's side of the field. To begin the game, the human player has to click on the glowing paddle on Toad's side and hit the puck on the center spot. The harder the puck is hit, the faster it will slide, rebounding off the field's margins. When the puck enters a goal net, it respawns near the center line, on the side of the player who received the goal, allowing them to strike it and continue the game.

Whoever earns a bigger score by the end of the match wins. If the human player and the CPU obtain the same score, it is considered a draw. On the end screen, the player can choose to either play the game again or visit the official Mario Party 7 website.

A glitch that occurs commonly during gameplay is when the puck enters a corner on Bowser's side and the CPU attempts to charge into it, blocking the puck in the corner for a short time. However, shortly after this happens, the puck respawns at its initial position.



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