Banana Grab

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Banana Grab

Banana Grab is a minigame from DK: Jungle Climber. It is accessible from the Challenge menu. The player controls both Donkey Kong's hands, using the L Button button to move the left hand and using the R Button button to move the right.

The goal of the game is to have Donkey Kong catch as many bananas as possible within 30 seconds. There are various kinds of bananas in this minigame: Banana Bunches, simple bananas and glowing bananas worth multiple points. Spiked balls will also fall occasionally and if Donkey Kong grabs one, the hand he took it with will be temporarily paralyzed.

This minigame, like the other five in this mode, has three levels, unlocked after beating the first to take the second, and so on. Level one finishes when eighty bananas are caught, level two with 100 bananas, level three with 140, and the last level is infinite.

Browser game[edit]

Adobe Flash version

An Adobe Flash version of this minigame was playable on the official DK: Jungle Climber website[1] as well as the Nintendo Arcade section on, where it was listed among other promotional games as DK: Jungle Climber -- Banana Grab.[2] The browser version is largely the same as the original minigame, although it does not have a goal score to surpass.


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