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Crystal Banana
A Crystal Banana

Crystal Bananas are five large bananas used by the Xananab in DK: Jungle Climber, where King K. Rool and his Kremling gang has stolen them in order to take over the world. In the game's boss battles, a Kritter uses one it is carrying to mutate into a large Kremling.


The Kritter makes himself surrounded in toys that make the Junklomp that first uses knives to stab the Kongs, Donkey Kong must strike it where the knives are not located in order to damage it. Next, it will turn red with two knives at the bottom and will strike downwards. The knives become stuck in the tires, and it is Donkey Kong's chance in order to attack him. After being hit once, it will start to shoot missiles. After striking it again, it will still shoot missiles, but when it is red, it will shoot boomerangs.

Boss Fight Two[edit]

The Kritter mutates and uses a giant robot called the Mega Amp, which is incomplete and still being built. However, it still controls the robot, and the Kremling will still attack Donkey Kong in the final round by throwing several bombs at once.

Boss Fight Three[edit]

The Kritter mutates and then jumps behind a large, oddly-shaped rock. It breaks open, and the large hook-tailed Draglinger emerges. The dragon attacks by breathing fire and flying across the screen. When it does this, DK must hit its long body to make it plummet to the floor. On its way, if its tail becomes hooked on one of the several metal rings protruding from the wall, it will become stuck. As it struggles to break free, the Kritter himself will hang out of the dragon's mouth, which gives the Kongs a chance to strike, then he will breathe fire on the Kongs. He is the first boss to have more than three health.

Boss Fight Four[edit]

The Kritter mutates and jumps into the complete version of the Mega Amp. It has the same tactics as the original Mega Amp fight, however one of his guns has been replaced by a drill. This drill must be removed, increasing the health of this boss from three to four. Also, when the Kritter exits the cockpit, it throw mines everywhere instead of bombs.

Final Boss[edit]

After defeating King K. Rool, he does not give up the final Crystal Banana that easily, and for the true final boss, he will use the last and remaining Crystal Banana and will grow to a gigantic size. In this form, King K. Rool has the ability to breath fire, summon rough weather, spit mines and make large asteroids fall from the sky. His weak spot is his head, which Donkey Kong needs to do an charge attack into. After the battle Donkey Kong will get the final Crystal Banana.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタルバナナ
Kurisutaru Banana
Crystal Banana

Italian Cristallo di banana
Banana crystal