Sun Sun Island

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Sun Sun Island
DKJC Sun Sun Island.png
Game DK: Jungle Climber
Level(s) 6
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“Whew... At last, we can get back to our tropical vacation! That adventure was too much for these old bones!”
Cranky Kong, DK: Jungle Climber

Sun Sun Island is the first world of DK: Jungle Climber.

At the beginning of the game, the Kongs are on vacation here, when Diddy Kong turns up to Donkey Kong and Cranky Kong to tell them that there is a huge Banana on top of the mountain, so Donkey Kong heads of in search of this Giant Banana. After going through the many dense jungles and caves of the island, the Kongs arrive at the summit, only to find out that King K. Rool had just left through some kind of warp. And to their shock the Giant Banana started to attack them, and they found it was not a Banana at all, but actually Xananab's spaceship, which was attacking them because he thought they where Kremlings. However after the Kongs had destroyed his ship because of a misunderstanding they offered to help rebuild the ship.


Level Preview Description Enemies
1-1: Cranky's Teachin's Cranky's Teachin's DKJC.png This is the tutorial level where Cranky teaches Donkey Kong to play the game. None
1-2: Sun Sun Beach Sun Sun Beach.png The actual first level, set on a beach. It introduces Banana Coin and KONG Panels, and does not feature any enemies. None
1-3: Jungle Beach Jungle Beach.png This level is set in the jungle, and there are large flowers that Donkey Kong and Diddy can swing from. There are some caves located within the jungle scenery. Flitter
1-4: Cool Cool Cave Cool Cool Cave.png This level is set in a cave and features rolling stone pegs. Flitter
1-5: Cliffy Peak Cliffy Peak.png This level takes place at a mountain, which the Kongs must go to the top of. They can use Barrel Cannons to help them reach the top. A boss fight with the Banana Ship takes place at the top. Flitter
1-6: Little Sun Sun Island Little Sun Sun Island This level features many swinging pegs, a barrel cannon section, and a cave section with crevices. Mini-Necky


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんさん島
Sun Sun Island

French Ile Solisoleli
German Sonneninsel
Sun Island
Italian Isola splendente
Shining Island
Spanish Isla Sol Radiante
Radiant Sun Island