Jungle Beach

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Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach.png
World-Level 1-3
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Jungle Beach is the third level of the world Sun Sun Island in the game, DK: Jungle Climber.


The second area, with the N letter

When Donkey and Diddy Kong begin the level, they must walk over to Cranky and talk to him. Cranky then explains about giant flowers. Once Cranky has finished speaking, Donkey and Diddy must walk over to the first giant flower and grab onto it. The Kongs must then let go before getting heaved into the air. This changes the direction of the flower. They must then grab onto the flower and hold onto it again. Then, the Kongs fling off the flower and land on a set of pegs, leading access the Oil Barrel. The Kongs must then grab onto the set pegs and can attack a wooden barrel marked with an ?, to allow jewels to appear. The Kongs must then jump into the Booster Barrel and collect some jewels. When the Kongs continue advancing upwards until reaching a wooden ledge with a Banana Coin close to it on the rocky ledge. The Kongs must then climb back over to the wooden ledge and continue climbing and nab letter K along the way and go to the next section of the level.

The Kongs then encounter another giant flower, where they must grab onto. They should keep holding the L and R buttons as they launch, causing them to grab onto another giant flower to launch again. The Kongs then rebound off a breakable wall and land on a set of pegs where they can grab the letter O along the way. The Kongs can collect a Banana Coin and then jump onto a rocky ledge and travel to the left, then jump down to land on another ledge. They must then walk over to the left, get a Banana Coin, and walk back over underneath the Booster Barrel, climb some pegs and jump into a barrel launching the Kongs through a breakable wall containing the third Banana Coin. The Kongs must then jump down the gap and continue to the next section.

The Kongs must then grab onto the pegs at the edge of the ledge and climb in the direction of the pegs, fall into the round bush. The Kongs can collect jewels from the bush. Then, the Kongs land on a wooden platform below. The Kongs must then climb some pegs, climb down, and launch themselves to the other side, and collect the letter N along the way. The Kongs then must pass a Neek and jump down into the bush where they can collect some jewels, and climb down a set of pegs on the right and launch themselves into the bush on the left, and the set of pegs on the way down. The Kongs must then face the left and launch themselves through a hole in the wall, and land into another Booster Barrel. The Booster Barrel then launches the Kongs upwards, where they obtain the DK Coin. They then travel further throughout the level, and fall down onto the ground and continue on to the next section.

The final section of the level contains safe-to-swim-in water. Here, the Kongs must continue along, land in the water and continue in the water until they see a Booster Barrel. The Kongs must go into a Booster Barrel and launch to a rock ledge. The Kongs must then climb up some underwater pegs continue along and land in an underwater ledge. The Kongs must then collect a Banana Coin, grab on some pegs and launch on a platform, where the Kongs can jump into a Bonus Barrel and play a minigame, Banana Bonanza. The Kongs must then jump back into the water and go to the ledge and jump into the Booster Barrel. The Kongs can then grab the letter G and continue along and float to the bottom of the water. The Kongs must then go over the Booster Barrel facing in an upwards/left direction and climb up some underwater pegs, and jump on a gap and continue along. The Kongs must go in a hidden area, where they must climb on the underwater pegs, and collect the jewels and a Banana Coin in the level. The Kongs can then exit the hidden area and go out the way they came in. The Kongs must then continue and float to the bottom and jump into a Booster Barrel, where the Kongs are launched into another one, and on the ground leading the Kongs to exit the level to advance to the next level.


Location of the Bonus Barrel
  • Banana Coins:
    • 1: Found to the left of the wooden ledge reachable by the Booster Barrel.
    • 2: Found near the O.
    • 3: Found in the area blocked by the second breakable wall.
    • 4: Found left of the Bonus Barrel.
    • 5: Found in the hidden area underneath the level exit.
  • Barrels:
    • Bonus Barrel: Found to the right of the 2 pegs at the last section of the level on a platform, leading to Banana Bonanza.
    • Oil Barrel: Found by pegs after being thrown off the first giant flower.
  • DK Coin: Found after being launched upward by the last Booster Barrel in the third section of the level.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: To the right of the wooden ledge.
  • O: Found after rebounding off the breakable wall in the second section of the level.
  • N: Nearby the Neek.
  • G: Found on the platform after being launched by the second Booster Barrel in the last section of the level.