Jungle Beach

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Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach.png
Level code 1-3
World Sun Sun Island
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Jungle Beach is the third level of the world Sun Sun Island in the game, DK: Jungle Climber. The level features giant flowers, which Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must launch from to progress through the level. A trail of bananas often indicate the direction that the Kongs are launched in.


Jungle Beach
The second area, with the letter N and the DK Coin

At the start of the level, Donkey and Diddy Kong can walk over to Cranky and optionally hear his explanation about giant flowers. After this, the Kongs can grab at the center of the giant flower while facing left to launch up to a trail of bananas to the right and land to the next giant flower. If the Kongs grab the top of the first giant flower, they can fling to the upper-right ledge with the first Banana Coin. The second giant flower takes them to a bottom-right corner of the level with a Flitter; they can climb some Peg Boards in the area to go up to the next section.

Alternatively, the Kongs must grab the first giant flower and fling themselves along a trail of bananas to the left, bounce off the left wall and grab some Peg Boards with the oil barrel. Donkey Kong can break a Question Barrel above the oil barrel to make a trail of gems appear in front of the Cannon Barrel. By entering it, Donkey Kong is blasted to the gems and onto a flat platform behind a rocky pillar. He can climb some individual pegs under the letter letter K along the way and then jump across a gap to exit into the next section of the level.

In the second section, the Kongs encounter another giant flower. They must grab on it facing right to bounce off a wall to the left and grab a small Peg Board. The Kongs must then jump on a wooden platform, then on another wooden platform above it. They must continue to the upper-right and enter a Blast Barrel which shoots them straightforward to the right past a rocky pillar and through a brown rocky wall with the second Banana Coin. The letter O is above a Peg Board to the left, and to reach it, Donkey Kong must jump down a few levels and continue left to a giant flower. He must grab the left side of the giant flower to launch up to the Peg Board with the letter O. The Kongs can continue into the next section.

In the third section, the Kongs start on a high rocky platform. Donkey Kong can climb around a series of Peg Boards shaping a question mark (with a bush representing the dot of the question mark). To the left of the bush is a Neek climbing around some Peg Boards. The letter N is beneath a short wooden platform to the right. To the bottom-left of the Neek is a wooden bridge leading into an alcove with the DK Coin above. Donkey Kong finds more sets of Peg Boards as he descends the area, with a small bush under each one; another one of them even has a Neek. When he reaches the ground at the very bottom, Donkey Kong can continue right to leave into the fourth and final section.

The last section features water that the Kongs can go in. They must follow a trail of bananas until reaching a Blast Barrel. They can jump over it, grab two small pegs (and the fourth Banana Coin under the Barrel Cannon), and optionally enter a Bonus Barrel above a rocky platform partially submerged in the water. To the bottom-right is a gap with some bananas and a few individual pegs slightly shifting in the water. The Kongs can enter a Blast Barrel to go up to a few Peg Boards above the water. The letter G is floating up between the Peg Boards. After this, the Kongs can go into another wide area in the water, with two Blast Barrels. The first one at the bottom blasts them northwest into a second Blast Barrel that blasts them in a northeast direction, on a platform with the Goal Gate.


Item Location(s)
A sprite of the letter K from DK: Jungle Climber A sprite of the letter O from DK: Jungle Climber A sprite of the letter N from DK: Jungle Climber A sprite of the letter G from DK: Jungle Climber
KONG Panels
  • K: To the right of the wooden ledge.
  • O: Found after rebounding off the breakable wall in the second section of the level.
  • N: Nearby the Neek.
  • G: Found on the platform after being launched by the second Booster Barrel in the last section of the level.
DK Coin DKJC sprite.png
DK Coin
In the third section, the DK Coin is in an alcove, which is bottom-left of the first Neek, and the alcove can be entered from a wooden platform. The DK Coin is out of reach, so Donkey Kong must fall to the bottom left of the area and grab on a Peg Board to the right of an opening in the rocky cliff. Donkey Kong must go below into a Blast Barrel below to blast up to the DK Coin.
DKJC Oil Barrel.png
Oil barrel
After launching to the upper-left from the first giant flower, Donkey Kong can climb to the oil barrel on a set of Peg Boards.
A sprite of a Banana Coin from DK: Jungle Climber
Banana Coins
  1. Found to the left of the wooden ledge reachable by the Booster Barrel
  2. Near the letter O
  3. Found in the area blocked by the second breakable wall
  4. To the left of the Bonus Barrel
  5. In the water, under the Goal Gate, the Kongs must enter a path and go into a wide area with many jewels. The last Banana Coin is placed around the Peg Board in the center.

Bonus Game[edit]

Found to the right of two pegs at the last section of the level on a platform. The Bonus Barrel leads to the minigame, Banana Bonanza.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビーチ ジャングル
Bīchi Janguru
Beach Jungle
Spanish Playa de la Jungla Jungle Beach