Tropical Treetops (DK: Jungle Climber)

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Tropicial Treetops
Tropical Treetops.png
World-Level 2-1
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Tropical Treetops is the first level of the second world in DK: Jungle Climber.


The player should begin by climbing onto the pegs and grabbing onto the spinning peg. They should the let go of the peg when they are facing upwards. If aimed correctly, they will get launched upwards. The player should then grab onto the pegs and then grab the letter K. They should then climb up the round pegs to their right and then grab onto another spinning peg, launching themselves up onto the wooden platform in the upper left side of the screen. They should then climb the pegs over to the right, collecting the bananas on the way. The player should then attack the wooden barrel on the right, obtaining the first Banana Coin. The player should then climb down the pegs and on to the next section.

The player will see another spinning peg. They should grab onto it and aim themselves so that soar up through the gap in the rocks. The player can then climb onto the pegs on the right, attacking the Neek and grabbing onto another spinning peg. Launching themselves upwards, the player should grab onto the pegs and jump into the gap in the rocks on the left. They should then grab onto the spinning peg and launch themselves up and aiming to the left, landing on the ledge and collecting the second Banana Coin. They can then walk over the gap, carefully avoiding or attacking the Flitter, grabbing the O and following the trail of bananas and continue onwards.

In the next section, there are Zingers. The player should talk to Cranky Kong to get tips on how to go about attacking them. The player can then climb the pegs over to the right, touch the DK Barrel, and team up with Diddy Kong. The player can then jump and grab onto the giant flower and they will get thrown into a small bush. They should jump out of this bush and grab onto the two round pegs, then carefully swing across and grab the third Banana Coin. They can then swing across more pegs, and land on another set of large, square-shaped pegs. They can then climb up these pegs, heading to the left, and grab onto the giant flower, but quickly let go before they are launched. The flower will change direction. The player can then grab onto the flower again and be launched straight at a wall. They will rebound off and land on a set of pegs which they can climb across and collect the Oil Barrel. They can then jump into the bushes and collect a few jewels, then continue the level.

The player will see Cranky Kong again, and he will speak about a hammer that Diddy can use to destroy things. They player can then walk behond Cranky and touch the DK Barrel if they need to. They can then touch the hammer and climb up the pegs, destroying the Steel Barrels and Zingers. They should then grab the letter N and continue climbing upwards, through the two open rocks. The player should then be able to see the fourth Banana Coin. They should use the hammer to destroy the Zingers and grab the coin. They player can then climb up the pegs and land safely on the rock ledge. They can then jump in the Auto-Fire Barrel and become launched onto the next section.

They player will now find themselves in a high-up area surrounded by multiple Auto-Fire Barrels. They player should firstly walk over to the right, collecting the DK Barrel and clearing the gap, and continue to travel through the hollow rock, collecting the bananas. They player can then walk right into an Auto-Fire Barrel and become launched up into another one, then safetly on a rock ledge. They player can then carefully fall over the right edge of the ledge, and carefully aim the fall so that the land on a tiny ledge over on the far-right, collecting the final Banana Coin. They player can then jump over the Auto-Fire Barrel and land inside a hollow rock, collecting the level's DK Coin. They player can then travel over to the left and jump into the upwards-facing barrel. They will be launched into a hidden area where they can collect a bunch of jewels. Then, they will fall back down, landing in a Auto-Fire barrel and be launched into another, then upwards where they can grab a set of pegs. They player should then jump into the upwards/right facing barrel and be launched into several other barrels before landing the rock ledge near where the DK Coin was. They can then climb up the pegs and into the rightwards facing barrel, collecting the letter G. They will then be launched into the barrel where they can grab onto the small set of square-shaped pags. They can then jump back into the upwards/right facing barrel, and again be launched onto the rock ledge. They should climb up the pegs again, this time jumping into another upwards/right facing barrel, where they will be launched right in front of the level gate.

They player can then move on to level 2-2: Glass Labyrinth.