Tropical Treetops (DK: Jungle Climber)

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Tropical Treetops
Tropical Treetops.png
Level code 2-1
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Tropical Treetops is the first level of the Lost Island in DK: Jungle Climber.


The level starts beneath a wooden Peg Board, two pegs, and a spinning peg. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must grab on the spinning peg to launch up to a wooden platform overhead. The Kongs must continue right to another spinning peg to launch to another platform above. To the right, they can continue to the next section. The Kongs can optionally jump to the left and collect the letter K hovering over four Peg Boards. They can optionally continue further on to acquire the first Banana Coin. To do so, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must launch from another spinning peg to reach the topmost Peg Boards. There are two barrels hovering over the first Peg Board, and a Banana Bunch is contained in each of them. The Kongs must then jump across to some individual pegs, with a few bananas floating between them, and then to a few more Peg Boards. The barrel with the Banana Coin is hovering above these Peg Boards. The Kongs must drop below the Peg Boards to land back on the path leading to the next section.

The second section also begins with a spinning peg and a Peg Board below it. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must use the spinning gap to launch through a gap in the ground above. The Kongs must then grab on to three more Peg Boards. A Flitter is flying above the Peg Boards, and each one has a barrel above them containing a Banana Bunch. By continuing right, the Kongs encounter a Neek moving around a Peg Board. The Kongs must go up and launch from another spinning peg. They can either take the path within the ground to the left or continue up the main path. By continuing up, the Kongs must jump from four more Peg Boards and then on a ledge to the right, allowing them to continue to the third section. A spinning peg is in the optional, left path, and the Kongs must launch up from it to collect some bananas and land on the ground surface above. Another Flitter is flying over the surface, and the second Banana Coin is on the ledge to the left. To the right, the Kongs can jump to the letter O and follow a trail of a few bananas to land back on the ledge that goes to the third section.

The next section starts with a few Peg Boards and pegs, which a Zinger is flying above. By continuing on land, the Kongs can optionally talk to Cranky Kong, who gives them advice on how to attack Zingers. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must continue to the right to find a large flower and a DK Barrel next to it. The Kongs must launch from the right of the flower to land into a floating, small bush. There are three pegs and a banana directly above the bush. To the right, there are two more pegs spaced from each other. The third Banana Coin is floating over the first individual peg to the right, and a banana is above the other peg. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must continue right to a large set of Peg Boards and pegs; there is a Zinger above and another one below the pegs. The Kongs can optionally go to the bottom-right and enter into a gap in the ground to the right, where they can collect numerous Banana Bunches. By continuing on the main path, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must climb up the Peg Boards, keeping to the left, and then launch from another flower. By launching to the upper-right, the Kongs can follow a trail of bananas and land into a bush over a ledge leading into the fourth section. There are two bushes over the ledge, each containing a blue jewel. Alternatively, the Kongs can launch to the left to bounce off the wall, following a different trail of bananas, then grab on a few Peg Boards, and jump right to the oil barrel which is next to three individual pegs.

At the start of the fourth section, Donkey Kong and Diddy encounter Cranky. He teaches about the hammer, which Diddy can swing and destroy objects that the Kongs cannot break themselves, such as Iron Barrels. Directly to the right of Cranky is a DK Barrel in a corner beneath the ground. The Kongs must jump on the Peg Boards and have Diddy touch the hammer. By doing so, he swings it around and destroys the surrounding Iron Barrels and a few Zingers along the way. The letter N is centered between the Peg Boards and individual pegs on the right. The Kongs must continue up some more Peg Boards, destroying more Iron Barrels and Zingers along their path. The fourth Banana Coin is on a Peg Board guarded by three Zingers. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must continue either up or from the longer, left trail of pegs to go on the ground above. The Kongs can go straight ahead into an Cannon Barrel leading up to the fifth and final section of the level.

The fifth section takes place in a high area featuring a maze of numerous Cannon Barrels. Another DK Barrel is to the right of the Kongs. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can decide from three Cannon Barrels to enter, each blasting to different Cannon Barrels. The Kongs must take the left Cannon Barrel, which blasts them straight across to the right, where they are then caught in another Cannon Barrel, which launches them up, and a third one that blasts them to the ground, with some connected Peg Boards hovering over the ground. The ledge to the right has a 10-count Banana Bunch, and alternatively, by jumping down, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can carefully keep left and fall to the second path below to obtain the DK Coin in the second small tunnel reach another ledge to the right with the fifth and final Banana Coin. If the Kongs take the upper-left Barrel Cannon at the start, it launches them into a hidden area with many jewels.

The Kongs must climb the Peg Boards above, where they are given the option of two more Cannon Barrels to enter. They can optionally enter the one on the right, which blasts them into a path through a gap in the ground. In there, they are caught by another Cannon Barrel, which blasts them down to the letter G and a few bananas. Another Cannon Barrel blasts then blasts them left, through a tunnel with some bananas, and into a fourth Cannon Barrel that blasts them to the upper-right. The Kongs are caught in a fifth Cannon Barrel, which is just above two small Peg Boards. The Kongs can jump below to go back to the start of the fifth section. They must blast back to the Peg Boards surrounded by two Cannon Barrels. The upper one is facing the upper-right, and it blasts Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong in that direction and into a trail of bananas and a 5-count Banana Bunch. The Kongs fall onto the ground where the level exit appears directly to the right.


Item Location(s)
A sprite of the letter K from DK: Jungle Climber A sprite of the letter O from DK: Jungle Climber A sprite of the letter N from DK: Jungle Climber A sprite of the letter G from DK: Jungle Climber
KONG Panels
  • K: Found by set of pegs reached after being launched from the first giant flower in the first section.
  • O: Found by Flitter in the second section.
  • N: Found by first set of pegs in the fourth section.
  • G: Nearby ledge where DK Coin was found.
DK Coin DKJC sprite.png
DK Coin
Found in a hollow rock reached by jumping into the Cannon Barrel near the fifth Banana Coin.
DKJC Oil Barrel.png
Oil barrel
Found by last set of pegs in the third section.
A sprite of a Banana Coin from DK: Jungle Climber
Banana Coins
  1. In a barrel found by the optional pegs in the first section.
  2. Found by ledge before the gap in the second section.
  3. Found by two round pegs after being launched from the giant flower to the bush in the third section.
  4. Near the two open rocks in the fourth section.
  5. Found by falling from the right side of the first rock ledge in the last section.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディープ ジャングル
Dīpu Janguru
Deep Jungle
Spanish Copas Tropicales Tropical Tops