Veggie Patch

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Veggie Patch
Veggie Patch
Level code 3-2
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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“We've arrived in Veggie Patch, fanana! You can grab on to any veggie with bumps... And if you can't grab a veggie, attack it! Got that that bo bat?”
Xananab, DK: Jungle Climber

Veggie Patch is the second level of Ghost Island and the fourteenth level overall of DK: Jungle Climber. Certain parts of this level take place in a spooky forest, while the majority takes place in a vegetable-themed environment accessed through a Spirowarp.

Veggie Patch is the only Spirowarp dimension not returned to at all later in the game, extending even to the Wormhole, where the Glass Labyrinth and Toybox dimensions are revisited back-to-back. However, the level directly following Glass Labyrinth 3 and Toybox 3, Planet Plantaen, is also set in a fruit-themed location.


Donkey Kong starts off on the left side of a wooded section. He can drop down to the right to pick up some treasures, including some bananas, a Banana Coin, an oil barrel, and a DK Barrel. Once he is done exploring the bottom portion of this area, he can use the Pegs to climb upward, where he can find the K on a branch to the right. At the top of this section and to the left is Xananab. Donkey Kong must hand him the Spirowarp found down below. Xananab will then activate the portal, sending them all to the beginning of the long, vegetable-themed portion.

From the start of this section, Donkey Kong must head right and jump into the mushroom on the ceiling to bounce/break through the cracked blocks below. He must then head right, where there are some mushrooms Donkey Kong can bounce on as well as peas he can grab onto to get higher up. Up near the mushrooms stuck to the right wall is the O. He must then bounce to the left, climb upward, and launch himself onto the right side of the area, where he can then easily enter the next section.

Near the start of the next area is a pineapple. If Donkey Kong grabs onto it, it launches itself into the ceiling and gets stuck. There is also a DK Barrel nearby containing a red Gem. From this point, Donkey Kong must head right to a second pineapple which launches him up to the N. From the N, Donkey Kong can head to the right and grab onto the flowers to climb up to a DK Coin. From here, DK can head right to the next area, at the start of which are peas, flowers, and grapes, all of which he can grab onto. However, he needs to drop down and head right, where he must grab onto the flower and throw a rock up at the purple grapes, causing them to split apart, allowing Donkey Kong to easily get up. Next, he must use the pineapple attached to the ceiling to smash through the blocks. After that, he must use the grapes in this area to get up to the entrance leading to the next section.

Donkey Kong is launched into the next section, filled with corn-on-the-cob. There is a large watermelon above them Donkey Kong can break open by ramming into. He can then climb up and head left to find the remaining G. He must also head right to find another Spirowarp. From here, he may drop down and give it to Xananab, who will take him to the next wooded section.

From here, there is a switch Donkey Kong can pull to move the blocks a bit closer to him. Eventually, he reaches the gate at the top of this area, clearing the level.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ビッグ ベジタブル
Biggu Bejitaburu
Big Vegetable