Stage 5 (DK: Jungle Climber)

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Stage 5
Stage 5 in DK: Jungle Climber
Level code 7-5
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Stage 5 is the fifth extra stage of DK: Jungle Climber. It is unlocked after completing the main game, after fifty Banana Coins have been collected.


This is a vertical level - at the start, there is a long, fast set of pegs Donkey Kong must quickly and thoroughly use to swing upward and progress, although there are a couple of Mini-Neckies he must avoid along with the coconuts they spit out at him. After scaling this set of pegs, DK is faced with another, surrounded by Mini-Neckies either firing coconuts or gliding back and forth. At the end of all this, DK reaches the platform with the DK Coin he must collect to complete the level.