Little Sun Sun Island

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Little Sun Sun Island
Little Sun Sun Island
Level code 1-6
Game DK: Jungle Climber
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Little Sun Sun Island is the secret level of the first world of DK: Jungle Climber. While it is included among the other levels of Sun Sun Island, Little Sun Sun Island is, as the name suggests, a smaller, individual version of Sun Sun Island with the same environments as its larger counterpart. It is the first "miniature island" in the game.

To unlock the level, the player must collect all of the oil barrels found on Sun Sun Island to power Funky Kong's airplane. Like the other miniature islands seen in the game, Little Sun Sun Island does not have KONG Panels or oil barrels to collect. The level also has no DK Barrels, but Diddy Kong can still be brought into the level.


The first section, based off Jungle Beach, starts off with a group of Peg vines that Donkey Kong must traverse. Once he gets past the first Peg vines, he comes to a large pit with large stone pillars jetting out. Like before, he must use the Peg vines to make it across. Two Banana Coins can be found in this part; one is on an isolated vine right above the pit, and the other is atop the highest stone pillar. Finally, he comes to the end of the section, which contains nothing but Peg vines and enemy Mini-Neckys. Once he reaches the cliff at the end, he can continue onto the second section.

This section, which takes inspiration from Cliffy Peak, features Barrel Cannons and single Pegs that the player must use to reach the top and continue on. A single Zinger can be found on the right part of this section below one of the cliffs. Right above this Zinger is the third Banana Coin which must be reached via two Pegs. Toward the top is another Banana Coin situated left of the highest cliff. To reach it, the player must enter a Barrel Cannon right under the one that leads to the end of the section. Once they are blasted to where the coin is, they must grab the nearby Peg to collect it.

The final section takes place in a cave similar to the one seen in Cool Cool Cave. This section features moving Peg Boards and Flipflaps. The final Banana Coin is tucked away in a crevice that must be reached via a Peg Board that comes in and out of one of the walls leading up to the crevice. After avoiding or defeating the nearby Flipflaps, the player can grab the coin. The DK Coin can be found unguarded above the goal, which is found at the top of the cave.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese さんさん島のはなれ島
Sansan-tō no Hanare-tō
Remote Island of Sun Sun Island
Spanish Islote Sol Radiante Radiant Sun Islet