Chill 'n' Char Island

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Chill 'n' Char Island
Chill 'n' Char Island.png
Appearance DK: Jungle Climber
Levels 6
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“Brrr! A blizzard! And the snow is hard as ice!”
Cranky Kong, DK: Jungle Climber

Chill 'n' Char Island is the fourth world visited in DK: Jungle Climber. Where half of it is a chilly island, it also has a large active volcano with a factory on it, where the King Kruiser IV is kept. This place also has Brambles, waterfalls and rough blizzards. This is the only world with slippery Pegs and Torches that are used by the Kongs to melt large amounts of ice.

Level information[edit]

Level Preview Description
4-1: Falling Falls DKJC Falling Falls.png This level features many falling blocks on the face of several waterfalls that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong must use to climb up to the top as well as an area with many Brambles and wind. Read more...
4-2: Snowful Slope DKJC Snowful Slope.png This level takes place in a large, icy cave and features many Tires and some crates. Read more...
4-3: Glass Labyrinth 2 DKJC Glass Labyrinth 2.png This level takes place in another snowy area, with a tilting castle area following. Read more...
4-4: Fiery Volcano DKJC Fiery Volcano.png This level takes place in a large volcano with rising and falling lava. Read more...
4-5: Kremling Dock DKJC Kremling Dock.png This level takes place inside a factory-like area with Kremlings that throw bombs and a Kremling boss at the end. Read more...
4-6: Little Chill 'n' Char Island DKJC Little Chill 'n' Char Island.png This level takes place inside another icy area with falling pegs and many ice blocks. Read more...


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Isla Hieloardiente Literal translation
German Feuerfrostinsel Literal translation