Jack Peg

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Donkey Kong pulling on a Jack Peg to open up the walls above him in the level Puzzling Pyramid

Jack Pegs[1] are a type of peg that operates a mechanism from the game DK: King of Swing. They appear as simple levers with to pegs for Donkey Kong to hold onto. One peg is in the center of the jack peg and the other is on the end of the lever, which Donkey Kong must repeatedly pull down by rapidly pressing L Button or R Button, depending on what side of the jack peg the lever is located. Jack pegs are typically pulled down in order to open up walls and create a path from Donkey Kong to climb up. These paths are only temporary though, as the jack peg eventually returns to its starting point, closing the walls. Jack Pegs are also found on metal bars, similar to Handle Pegs, and, if pulled on, they travel along the bar. In the level Puzzling Pyramid, a Kremling can be found pulling on a Jack Peg, marking these special pegs first appearance in the game. They also appear in the levels Madcap Mine and Underwater Ruins.

In-game description[edit]

Instruction Booklet

  • "Pull down the peg repeatedly to operate the mechanism."


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